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The Wakashu family

Kevin Kingswell

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"Ah good morning gentlemen, what brings you to our most humble of establishments?" spoke the old wrinkled man bent over whilst leaning on a cane for support. The men he talked to were all asian, well built and quite rich telling from the suits they wore. They were also packing firearms too as the old man quickly noticed with a sharp breath. The youngest of the three stepped forward and rested a hand on the old man's shoulder whilst giving him a pleseant smile.

"Now now there is no cause for alarm we are from the Wakashu family and we are here to "aquire" your establishment. Is that understood?" said Yang the carefully hidden threat quite obvious to the now shaking and scared old man. "Uh yes yes I understand but...but the Zaki family have already "aquired" my business and they won't like me giving it away" replied the old man who had started to cry as he thought of what these men were about to do to him.

However, he was surprised when Yang took out a hankerchief and gave it to the old man to wipe away his tears whilst Yang guided him over to a nearby table where he could sit down. "Don't you worry we arn't like the other families we won't kill you or beat you for not giving in straight away. You don't worry about the Zaki family we will deal with them" repled Yang with another of his smiles and the old man was about to reply when someone else shouted out from the doorway leading into the shop.

"Oh you think you guys can mess with the Zaki family huh. You are all nothing but punks!!" shouted out the teenage american whilst waving his arms around to reinforce his cool image. The two other men with Yang turned around to see who their guests were whilst Yang joined them. "Americans? We have Americans in our fine country now?" said Ichiro shaking his head at the thought.

"Oh yea dog we Americans are ruling this joint and many others all because you pathetic gangsters are too scared to do real gangster crimes. Ha ha ha!" as the americans burst out laughing at their own statement Yang, Ichiro and the man all stood watching and waiting silently until the americans managed to get a control of themselves. Once they had managed that the three men pulled out their handguns and shot down the americans in a hail of bullets.

"We arn't gangsters, we are Yakuza" said Yang to the now dead americans before turning to the elderly man who owned the establishment and hand handed him a business card whilst putting away his handgun. "You are now under the protection of the Wakashu family I hope we will have a productive relationship" he said before joining the other two men and leaving the store and its owner to deal with disposing of the bodies and the authorities.

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