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6th Congressional Elections in the Netherlands

Mergerberger II

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On January 11th, Elections for the 6th Congress of the Netherlands were completed. This election was a landmark because it represented the second election since the resignation of Magan de Vries as Prime Minister, and the first election for a full term (Previous election terms were minimized to only one year so that the year made more sense, and so that Congress could rotate properly OOC: See: American elections in the 1790's). Elections were run for all positions: Lords and Representatives. There are currently 80 members of the House of Lords, four from each Province and an additional four from the Capital District of Amsterdam.

Political pundits predicted most of the election outcomes prior to the elections taking place based mostly on polls, as Jon Bakker said:

"Elections in the Netherlands are mostly predictable, with only one province having mostly predicable elections for both the House of Lords and Representatives. In North Brabant, polls for the House of Lords are running at 37% Nordic, 39% Conservative, and 24% Liberal. Elections in Limburg are also somewhat close, though most are predicting a strong victory for the Nordic Party with at least 3-1 in the House of Lords, and probably closer in the House of Commons.

Elections in most other areas are fairly predetermined, with the exception being Brussels, wherein we are finding another mix of all three major parties at 43% Liberal, 31% Conservative, and 26% Nordic. Most are predicting a 2-1-1 victory for the Liberals in Brussels..."

Elections went mostly according to prediction, and are depicted below:


Blue - Liberal, Green - Conservative, Maroon - Nordic


Lords (80)

Liberal - 47

Conservative - 23

Nordic - 10

Commons (504)

Liberal - 282

Conservative - 166

Nordic - 56

Common consensus is that the Nordic Party is 'dying out', whilst the new Conservative Party, which was founded at the time of the passage of the Frisian Admission Bill, which admitted North Frisia to the RSSN as a full Province instead of its previous status as a territory of the RSSN, is flourishing. The reason for the founding of the Conservative Party is, by popular consensus, that North Frisia is filled with Martencists and Liberals and Germans, and Conservatives would rather have it kept as a territory rather than a Province, however the Conservative Party has since expanded its platform and retracted its original.

Jon Bakker said this on the election:

"It is clear that the old ways are leaving. With the slow death of the Nordic Party and the rise of the new Conservative Party, as well as the alteration of the platforms of the Liberal Party just slightly to the left, we can find that the old ways of the RSSN are done. It is clear that the next few years will certainly be interesting."

A general consensus is to agree with Bakker.

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OOC: If you don't mind me asking, whar's the commies?

Or are both libs and cons communists?

OOC: The government and economy of the RSSN are explained here: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=70059

Basically, as long as it does not violate the OP constitution and the Marxist economy, it flies, and Conservative and Liberal parties are based on that. The economy is Constitutionally Socialist, and the Society is Constitutionally Libertarian, giving Revsoc a unique mix of basically a farther-left version of my own theory on economics and government. There is no Communist party because there is no need for one. The Economy is already Marxist and as Communism is an economic theory and not a sociopolitical one, Communism is not something that warrants its own party.

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