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From Hade's endless inferno

Markus Wilding

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It's time.

Markus appears in television screens across the land ceded to Alvonia, and on channels across the world.

People of the world,

I come to you having gone thorugh turmoil not only in countries I've ruled, but myself. I speak of when I was taken prisoner by Slavorussia, and when I dealt with a madman hellbent on ruling a populace with an iron fist. I have returned, and I am getting used to this new world where Europe is again divided, where the Federation of Pravus Ingruo is no longer, thir leader having gone to Italy, a placer where I once resided, ruled over and now see that is split once again.

But, this is a new year, a new run, a new idea. Communism that once ruled my revious nations is gone; done away with completely. But do not take this to mean we are using democracy, no. Far from it. I do not think of this as a dictatorship or as despotism, but it is instead the electing of a supreme ruler. Whether I take this as a blessing or a curse is for me to decide.

Yet as of this moment, Alvonia will not have the massive numbers you saw before in Yacrania or the old Alvonia. No, this is new. Manpower and resources are a constant concern.

Before any confusion is drawn, Alvonia will deal with European affairs only, as America holds no interest or advantage to us. That is all.

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"Before I declared war on Slavorussia, I was literally quite mad. I had faded into a depression when Alvonia first fell, and I carried that depression with me into Yacrania. After the war was over, my imprisonment in lavorussia woke me up and snapped me out of whatever madness had ensnared me. I'm a changed man, and wish to begin relations with all of Europe, including Slavorussia and the Nords I fought against so many years ago."

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