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Much had happened since the GDR was founded.

Since the agreement to send crews and architects to build fusion power plants in the Phoenix Empire, the political climate in South America had changed. Currstan was gone, and the HAE had replaced the PE. Nonetheless, construction went on, almost stubbornly so. Since then, only two years ago, sixteen plants had been finished already, with four more joining them soon. thirty more were under construction (officially; Unofficially, they couldn't work on more than five at once per six months), much of the 215 billion going back into South America to finance the Launch Loop.

That one was started a year ago. And as predicted by the Chairman back then, work had almost finished. The power stations - one on each end - were finished, just as roughly 90% of the loop itself. Not much more work would need to be done, though of course any of the leaders could want a report on what had happened in all this time.

Whether they wanted such reports remained to be seen, and until then, the architects (at least the German ones) of this massive venture did what they did best: Coordinate everyone.

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Like the sleeping giant it truly was, the Holy American Empire roused itself to the monumental task at hand. Entire legions of construction personnel armed with lunchboxes and bulldozers gleefully set to to work constructing roads throughout the Amazon basin; specifically straight through the Amazon basin. Many attempts had been made in the past to break the rain-forest to the will of man; this time would succeed.

Dozens of individual road projects had grouped together into three main roads starting in Peru. Likewise three additional crews began their construction on the eastern side of the continent, with the intent on meeting in the middle. Temporary bridges were thrown up en-route so construction equipment could cross to the other side; permanent bridges would be put in right behind the crew.

Similarly, advance teams were cutting and slashing down surveyed terrain ahead of the road-workers. Swathes of rain-forest deemed most industrious to pass through were cut down and fed into the Imperial construction machine, for nature cannot stand in the way of progress.

To the east, another grand project was being undertaken. A new city; full of aspiring workers and individuals just looking for a fresh start was arising on the coast. This shanty-town of shacks and few real buildings sprawled for miles, the beginning of a harbor-city built for the express purpose of serving the massive resource demand of such an undertaking.

More advanced tidbits of technology, such as internet and phone communications had far less priority than the most basic essentials such as jobs, food, and water. For a time the peoples of Haven would be without the more advanced technologies of the Imperium. Instead, a city literally began to spring up overnight around them; progress emerging in a coastal wilderness.

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Though slowed; progress continued upon the basic infrastructure and support areas required to undertake such a massive project. Roads had progressed with a startling rapidity; having already crossed dozens of miles collectively within just a few short months. The criss-crossing network of transportation would provide the most basic of requirements; access through the hostile wilderness.

Haven had slowly progressed from a sea of corrugated metal hovels to a rudimentary city; growing around a nucleus of prefabricated buildings flown and shipped to the city-center on the Atlantic Coast. Already projects were being initiated into creating massive ships, similar to Dreadnought class vessels for the explicit purpose of increasing the real-estate around the city-center.

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of people had migrated to Haven and its' surrounding area. The majority of the coastal jungle had been cut down to build various things; low-grade housing and fences had taken its' toll on the jungles. Deforestation had drastically reduced after the first houses were built, though. Industrial areas had developed around the city's few buildings above 20 stories and even now were turning out shovels, components for construction equipment, and the necessities to live.

Even with war on the horizon, the HAE continued to work for the prosperity of the international community.

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In the meantime, the Germans continued as well, building the fusion plants like worker ants, with efficiency that was seldomly seen. Three more plants were done, many more to follow.

While this happened, three Endeavour-class shuttles were dedicated to lifting the cable for the first time and securing it above the equator, once it was finished. That would take mere months, and thus the loop itself could be used within the year, according to current predictions. Of course the massive infrastructure projects done by the HAE helped greatly, and they were of course justified. The Launch Loop would serve as a major hub between Earth and Space, besides the Space Elevator. The economic value alone of this masterpiece of technology could potentially outstrip the economies of several smaller nations, especially if more and more nations were becoming interested in cheaply reaching space - such as the GDR and the HAE, who were building this thing.

Soon, the loop would be functional, built by the men from Germany, while the infrastructure supporting it was done by the South Americans.

All the while war raged in Europe.

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With investers putting money in the city while real estate was still cheap the city had such an influx of money it soon grew to be a relatively big city while not nearly as big as Imperial Center, Foundation or Paraíso yet it would prove to be occupied by millions under a special dispatch from the Empress the city received a semi-autonomous state allowing it to work independent from Foundation as long as it followed Imperial rules and regulations.

Roads had been close to completed and the 2 complexes were reachable by all, just outside the city a new International Airport would be constructed to prepare for the people that would most likely come to one of the biggest creations in the history of mankind.

Not even a war could stop it.

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"Ladies and Gentlemen. 

It is done.
The Launch Loop is finished and functional. Currently, it's being powered up, and it will be fully functional within days. 

This is a glorious day for both the GDR and the HAE. Without each other, this couldn't have been done. 

And quite quickly, ships would leave the GDR to move components of the their space station to the loop to fire them up into space, for easier construction.

With this, the station would be finished in several times the previously estimated timespan. Mere months, and it would be finished.

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