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Good day all who reside here on Bob,

I come before you today full of hope, commitment and achievement. Today marks the first day of a new beginning and the opening of a door to a room full of opportunity. However before I continue, I would like to thank the great guys and gals over at SNAFU. For they have provided me and the other members of Collateral a home for over one year. Stetson has taught us all we know, and without you behind us, we wouldn’t have got this far. We thank SNAFU for holding no ill will towards us and for being so understanding in our reasoning for leaving and establishing Collateral. That said, I give to you the charter of Collateral:


The Collateral Agreement

Preamble – Just as in lending agreements, collateral is a borrower's pledge of property to a lender, in order to secure repayment. We the first government of Collateral establish ourselves as a means of collateral for our members, in order for them to secure the funds required to grow their nations. We have a primary focus on economics, while not limiting our efforts in other areas. We believe in individuality, no member shall be waited on hand and foot. What you put into this alliance, you will get back. Collateral is hereby established as a Purple sphere alliance with the aim of giving protection, assistance and fun as a sovereign entity.

1. Terms of Membership

Any nation wishing to become a member of Collateral must first meet the following criteria;

I. Not be in a state of war with any nation or alliance. If an applicant finds themselves in such a position, their application will be accepted at the MoIA’s discretion upon further review.

II. Not Be a member of another alliance.

III. An applicant will not be accepted if they are on any form of ZI list, Including P-Z1 & E-ZI

IV. Collateral actively encourages all members of the alliance to be on the purple sphere. However it is not a term of membership to be on the Purple sphere.

a) Responsibility as Members

In order to become a full member, applicants must first agree to the following:

I. To participate in economic programs. (Such as tech deals, trade circles and other alliance approved activities)

II. Answer any questions members of the government ask.

III. To sign into their respective military company.

IV. Must read, understand and pledge to uphold the alliances charter.

b) Benefits of Collateral Membership

If member nations pledge to abide by the rules of the alliance and fulfil their responsibilities, they will be accepted and;

I. Have access to economic guides, nation building aid and advice from experienced people.

II. Be under the protection of the Collateral alliance.

III. Find themselves as members of what we promise to be one of the most active alliances.

2. Government – The following government of Collateral is outlined in order of succession and chain of command.

a). The President – The President is a lifetime role, until such time as he/she is unviable. The President serves as the leader of the alliance, head of cabinet and is responsible for overseeing that the alliance is run efficiently.

I. The President has the power to appoint and dismiss ministers with the support of the Vice President.

II. The President is in charge of the ministers, and he/she may direct them to serve a task.

III. The President may appoint any staff at his/her own will.

IV. The President may be removed from office with a 3/5 vote of no confidence from the serving cabinet and the support of the Vice President. Should the motion and vote be successful in removing the President the Vice President will assume the role of President and form a new government. If the vote is unsuccessful in removing the President, he/she will remain in the role. Another vote of no confidence cannot be initiated for 72hours allowing for a grace period in which the involved parties can attempt to diplomatically resolve the issue.

b). The Vice President (VP) – Is appointed by the President on ascension to office. The Vice President is the confident ear of the alliance membership and will serve in a dual role as Vice President and as a Minister.

I. The Vice President is second in command of the alliance, and takes control effective immediately should a situation arise where the President is unable to perform his/her duties.

II. The Vice President will serve in a dual role as President and as a Minister in the area of his/her choice.

III. The Vice President can be chosen by the President and the President only. For the Vice President to be removed from office, the President and a minimum of 3 other ministers must request his/her resignation.

IV. The Vice President may appoint any staff at his/her own will.

c). Minister of Defence (MoD)

I. Is in charge of organizing the military for defence of the alliance.

II. Is in charge of organizing the military for offensive war.

III. The Minister has the power to approve nuclear strikes.

IV. The Minister in his/her full capacity can initiate war.

V. The minister has the power to appoint any staff within his/her department.

VI. Will manage all military check ins and update the alliance with a threat level.

d). Minister of Internal Affairs (MoIA) – Is the highest ranking Internal Affairs Official. The MoIA is in charge of the following:

I. Maintaining applications, resignations, mask changes and all applications for diplomatic status and the establishment of embassies, in conjunction with the Minister of Foreign Affairs approval.

II. Maintaining the active members list.

III. The MoIA is also responsible for all communications across the membership base.

IV. The MoIA will serve as an educator, developing, editing, managing and explaining guides.

V. The MoIA is also responsible for the recruitment of members to the alliance.

VI. The minister has the power to appoint any staff within his/her department.

e). Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - Is chiefly responsible for all external matters facing the alliance.

I. The minister is the Chief Representative to other alliances and blocs.

II. The minister has the power to represent the alliance in foreign matters.

III. The minister is the alliances chief negotiator for treaty matters.

IV. The minister may initiate and impede any relations with foreign alliances and political bodies.

V. The minister has the power to appoint any staff within his/her department.

f). Minister of Finance (MoF) – Is centrally responsible for the implementation and continuation of economic programs. The Minister of Finance will oversee their success and serve as an advisor to the membership on all economic matters.

I. The Minister is also in charge of controlling the alliances finances.

II. The Minister is also in charge of maintaining the alliances financial records.

III. The Minister is also in charge of member aid.

IV. The Minister is also in charge of producing a quarterly economic statement, outlining the alliance fiscal position.

V. The Minister will establish and manage the tech dealing wing of the alliance and will assist in the development of trade circles.

VI. The minister has the power to appoint any staff within his/her department.

3. Membership Resignation

All members of Collateral are free to leave once they post a resignation and notify a government official. However, all departing members must repay all outstanding financial debts and clear themselves of any obligations to the alliance before leaving. Any member leaving the alliance must remove the name ‘Collateral’ from their AA, if they fail to do so, these nations will be treated as ghost and will be dealt with accordingly. No hostility will be held towards departing members shall they depart appropriately and follow the outlined guidelines. (See section 5 for resignation during warfare).

4. Warfare

Nuclear Weapons- The production of nuclear weapons is supported by Collateral, however they should be used only when approved by the Minister of Defence or higher authority and a log of their use is to be recorded.

Raiding- Any nation flying ‘Collateral’ as their AA, automatically upon becoming a member gives up their right to tech raid any nation. Any nation that ‘tech raids’ while under the Collateral AA will be subject to investigation and may have to pay reparations to the victim. Any nation spying or ‘tech raiding’ Collateral is considered to be committing an act of war against the Collateral AA.

5. Times of War

During times of war members will not be allowed to leave the alliance. Any member that deserts the alliance during a time of warfare will be treated as a traitor and will be subject to punishment as deemed appropriate by the MoIA. Any traitor will not be accepted back into the alliance.

Any war related information is ‘top secret’ and is not to be shared outside of private alliance channels. Anyone who commits and act of espionage against Collateral will be dealt with accordingly. No aid is to be sent in time of war without permission. The only time a member should be sending aid during a time of war is when it is approved by the Minister of Finance. Aid should only be sent to Collateral members and allies of the alliance. No member should be aiding an enemy in any capacity. Any member caught to be doing so on purpose will be removed from the alliance.

6. Charter Amendments

Ministers or members are welcome to submit proposals for charter amendments. Accompanying with this submission must be an outline of the proposed change, a paragraph stating what the benefits of the change will be and a copy of how the charter would look in its amended form. The proposal will be reviewed by the government and a vote will be initiated. The sitting government will then have 48 hours to cast their vote. In order for the amendment to pass the proposal must achieve a 2/3 majority vote of the sitting government.

Signed by the founding government of Collateral;

President S O of the Republic of Austra as President and Acting Minister of Finance

Joe32320 of Lealand as Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sniper620 of Snipetopia as Minister of Defence

Whitegate of Selenia as Minister of Internal Affairs

Rudekker of Brewtown Empire as Minister of Internal Affairs: Citizenship

Collateral is protected by Olympus and we wish to thank them for lending their supportive hand. Olympus believes in our dream just as much as we do, and we know their determination to assist us in succeeding is strong. An announcement from Olympus will follow shortly.

Please make yourself welcome at our forums and apply for an embassy:


And don’t forget to drop by our IRC channel on coldfront: #collateral

Also I would like to say a big thank you to SeipherCaim of Valhalla for his amazing graphic work.

Edited by President S O
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"All the gold which is under or upon the earth is not enough to give in exchange for true friendship." Plato

Olympus values friends far more than infrastructure, money, nation strength or any other treasure. Our friendship with the members forming the Collateral alliance, has been a long and pleasant one, so, when they came to us, and inquired if we would watch over them while they set off on their new adventure, there was only one answer we could give. So without further delay, I bring you.......

Cash Rules Everything Around Mt Olympus

The CREAM Accords


In the interest of friendship, protection,growth, and guidance Olympus is extending its hand to Collateral and both agree to the following protectorate agreement. Both parties shall honour the other and help one another grow.

Article I: Sovereignty

"Independence or Sovereignty - is loyalty to one's best self and principles, and this is often disloyalty to the general idols and fetishes"

Mark Twain

Olympus will not diminish or infringe upon the sovereignty of Collateral. Olympus and Collateral recognize one another as sovereign and separate alliances. Both alliances, however, do agree to discuss with the other party any upcoming treaties a minimum of 48 hours before signing. Any failure to communicate can be used as ground for immediate termination of this protectorate.

Article II: Peace and Respect

"Respect your fellow human being, treat them fairly, disagree with them honestly, enjoy their friendship, explore your thoughts about one another candidly, work together for a common goal and help one another achieve it. No destructive lies. No ridiculous fears. No debilitating anger.”

Bill Bradley

Olympus and Collateral will coexist in a state of peace. Neither alliance will attack the other militarily or verbally. Both alliances will remain respectful towards one another at all times and any differences will be handled via private discussion.

Article III: Protection and Defense

"We do not so much need the help of our friends as the confidence of their help in need."


An attack on Collateral will be considered to be an attack on Olympus, thus it will be met with all available strength in defense. If the attack is found to be provoked by Collateral through political faux-pas, spying or just general asshattery etc, Olympus--although still reserving the right to defend Collateral--is under no obligation to do so. Should Olympus find itself engaged in a state of war, Collateral has the right to assist in any way it deems feasible but is not obligated to do so in any way.

Article IV: Aggression.

"We give up leisure in order that we may have leisure, just as we go to war in order that we may have peace."


Collateral agrees to inform Olympus if they decide to go on the offensive towards another alliance at least 48 hours before commencing. Collateral will never engage in a state of war with another alliance without first discussing it with Olympus. Likewise Olympus pledges to inform Collateral of any offensive engagements at least 48 hours before their commencement. Olympus will never engage in a state of war with another alliance without first discussing it with Collateral.

Article V: Cancellation

As contraries are known by contraries, so is the delight of presence best known by the torments of absence. Alcibiades

Both parties agree to give one anther 7 days (168 hours) notice before canceling this treaty, during which all articles will be upheld. Any acts of asshattery can result in this treaty to be canceled immediately upon notification.

Article VI: Tech

"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falls; for he has not another to help him up."


As a sovereign entity, Collateral has full autonomy in their technology sales and economic programs and will at no time have any obligation to sell technology to Olympus. Olympus pledges full support in assisting Collateral in the organization of their technology sales as well as all their economic programs.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." Henry Ford

Signed by the founding government of Collateral;

President S O of the Republic of Austra as President and Acting Minister of Finance

Joe32320 of Lealand as Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sniper620 of Snipetopia as Minister of Defence

Whitegate of Selenia as Minister of Internal Affairs

Rudekker of Brewtown Empire as Minister of Internal Affairs: Citizenship

Signed by the Olympus Titan Council;

Buffalo Niagara - Titan of Fleas

Mississippigurlie - Titan of Cakes and Snacks

queenhailee - Mother Titan

Pansy - Titan of Sheep, and Sheep worrying related activities.

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Congrats to all involved!

I really like the graphics that you guys have, SeipherCaim is certainly a great artist. The quotes on the protectorate were a good addition too, I liked them.

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