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Greetings to everyone. The League of Allied Nations is currently recruiting anyone within the Maroon or "None" sphere's of influence. We are an alliance dedicated to economic prosperity and freedom. We offer protection, economic assistance and the ability to partake in tech deals with other alliances that we feel can mutually benefit both our alliance and theirs. An alliance dedicated to its members we are more like family then just another alliance. Read the Charter below and then decide if you wish to embark with us on our path to glory through peaceful and economical means and make the Maroon Sphere a better place. Join us at: www.z10.invisionfree.com/league_allied_nation


Charter of the League of Allied Nations


We, the members of the League of Allied Nations, form this alliance in brotherhood for the mutual protection and general welfare of the nations of LAN.

Article 1 – The General Assembly

All members of LAN are members of the General Assembly. The assembly votes on bylaws for the Alliance, the post of Chairman, and vote on declarations of war. If a bill is vetoed by the Chairman a 2/3 vote will override the veto. If a General member is found to be in violation of the Oath of the Alliance or crimes against the Alliance he or she is to be given trial by the Elder Council.

Article 2 – The Elder Council

The Elder Council is made up of senior members, people who were founders or have at least been in the alliance for six months. Once a member has satisfied the six month requirement the Council will vote to decide to give the member Council status. Becoming a member of the Council does not take away your voting status in the General Assembly it only adds your voting status in the Elder Council. The Council votes to approve treaties, Ministry appointments, and Ministries created by the Chairman. The Council also convenes over the trial of people who are found in conflict with the Oath of the Alliance. Any member of the Elder Council who is found in conflict with the Oath of the Alliance will have a trial by the Council in which they will have no vote.

Article 3 – The Executive Branch

LAN is led by the Chairman. The Chairman has the power to approve or veto bills by the General Assembly. The Chairman also has the right to create Ministries, appoint Ministers, and remove unneeded Ministries. The Chairman however cannot remove the vital ministries of Foreign Affairs, Recruitment, Internal Affairs, and Defense. The Vice Chairman replaces the Chairman in case of resignation or if the Chairman is unable to fulfill his or her duties. When the Chairman is removed and the Vice Chairman replaces him the new Chairman appoints a Vice Chairman to be approved by the General Assembly. The Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected in three month cycles. The candidate with the most votes becomes Chairman and the person with the second most votes becomes Vice chairman. A Chairman or Vice Chairman can be found and tried for acts against the Oath of the Alliance and other behavior unbecoming of the office and be tried by the Elder council.

Article 4 - Permanent Ministries

The Minister of Foreign Affairs oversees the affairs between other alliances and independent nations. He or she sets up embassies approved by the Elder Council and appoints ambassadors approved by the Elder Council to assist in this task.

The Minister of Recruitment oversees the recruitment of new members and can appoint, with the approval of the Council, Recruitment Officers to assist him in the approval of new recruits. The minister of Recruitment is also in charge of setting the recruitment ad and setting any other standards to assist recruiters. The Minister of Recruitment also sets standards for approval of nations outside of the Oath as needed for the protection of members and the Alliance.

The Minister of Defense assists the Chairman in times of war and in prep for war in times of peace. He or she can commission the military structure of the alliance and appoint officers to command the military. All the Minister of Defenses actions are overseen and approved by the Chairman.

The Vice Chairman acts as the Head of the General Assembly and casts votes with the assembly. However in the case of a tie vote between members it is the Vice Chairman that will cast the deciding vote. The Vice Chairman also assists in General Assembly in the law making process by appointing Committee's to oversee the law making process if such case is needed.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, is in charge of keeping regular the relations between the members of the alliance. He or she is in charge of resolving conflicts between member nations and deals in counter intelligence to combat spies. As needed, the Minister of Internal Affairs may appoint Officers of the Interior to assist him which are approved by the Council.

To create any new Ministry the Chairman must submit to the Council the purpose of the ministry, how it is to be used, and its powers. Once approved by the Council the Chairman may submit a Minister to be approved.

Article 5 – Amendments

This charter may be amended by 2/3 vote of the General Assembly.

Article 6 – The Oath

Nations may be accepted after the Ministry of Recruitment or one of his or her officers have cleared them by the set standards of the alliance and taking the oath.

The Oath of the Alliance is:

I, [leader’s name], of the nation of [Nation’s name] shall remain faithful to the League of Allied Nations and no other alliance so long as I am a member. I shall protect my fellow Alliance members and show honor and respect even to those inside or outside the Alliance in respect of a higher moral code. I cherish peace but will defend justice and freedom when it calls and accept these terms as a member of the League of Allied Nations.

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