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Generalissimo Without a Cause


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January X 2010, Eggman Empire - God Forsaken Tundra, location unknown

In his base camp of an armed & armored military Humvee (once belonging to the opposition) hidden in the furthest reaches Eggman Empire Generalissimo planned, plotted, reflected, and more than anything waited.

Enough time had passed from the last battle for Procinctia's former head of state to accumulate enough supplies to live comfortably here for months, with enough ammunition to start a small war.

It was more than two months since Generalissimo set out to find Cybil de Blanc, queen of Cyneriice Northan, and he wasn't much closer than from when his C-130 was shot down into an iceberg.

Generalissimo was thankful for the lack of hallucinating these days; no aternate Generalissimos, no faux therapists, no illusionary canine deities.

That wolf had been silent since the battle, likely something implanted by the wolf cultists, wolf cultists who were too close to Procinctia for their own good, Generalissimo would likely do something about them when he returned to his country.

For moment, a flickering candle in the wind, the answers were right in front of him.

Cybil was within an arms reach, before melting away like a fragile ice sculpture.

In an armed camp everything nearly came together, a fell apart before anything could be pieced together.

What was he doing here, what was he accomplishing, what was he fighting for?

Was it pride, the overblown ego of someone who couldn't accept or admit defeat?

Generalissimo didn't even know Cybil de Blanc, why was he still in this place?

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