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An Announcement from The German Empire

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Citizens of Planet Bob,

It is with a heavy heart that I must abdicate my throne. The German Empire deserves a mighty ruler who can lead our citizens at all times, which I feel I cannot offer at this time. In the wake of my abdication, I know that there are many within the alliance who can provide the Empire with what it needs. I wish you all the best.

It is with great pleasure that I name President Chris as my successor.

Gott mitt uns!



Princess Victoria

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One of the hallmarks of good leadership is being able to make these kinds of self assesments and knowing when an alliance is best served by allowing others to lead.

Still a sad day and an unwelcome announcement to read, but the cause is understandable and admirable Princess Victoria.

o/ TGE

May your future leadership bring you prosperity and success.


Bolak -_-

EDIT; spelling and belated Congradulations to President Chris....lead them well.

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It is with great pleasure that I name President Chris as my successor.

You really THAT desperate? :huh:

Anyway, Good Luck to my fave alliance! You will need loads of it.

o/ Princess Victoria

o/ TGE

:facepalm: Chris

With all respect, i don't see any reason to this event, other than Coup d'├ętat. I'm not surprised either, knowing Chris' leadership style.

Actually managed to wait till the Kaiser leaves and is replaced by more delicate flower, Chris? His back was too thick to stab the knife in, eih?

Edited by Ferdinand I
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In genuine defense of Victoria, she inherited an alliance beset with internal strife not of her own making. Within a week, there were two splits and most of what was left of the active people departed. She got foisted with the role and did her level best in what was an impossible situation.

This whole announcement stinks - I feel very sorry for the former Empress and hope those who had a hand in her forced departure sleep well tonight. Congratulations my brave gentlemen on a job well done!

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Pathetic. Once The German Empire stood for something. It believed in itself, it had common respect for each member of its own. But now it's turned into a wasteland where packs of wolves prey across the land in search of a meal, or new den. It appears President Chris has pushed forward to secure himself power, something he has always wanted. German soil has been rotting away for some time now, but it had hope. Whatever hope remained has been crushed.

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Forced? <_< The only thing Chris is forcing is gators, down to the ground. That there hillbilly boy sure do know how to wrastle' up a gator New Orleans bayou style. Hee haw. :P Just joking, congratulations El Presidente, from your friends in TCoC. And, sorry to see TGE still isn't ready for a female leader, eh? ^_^

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