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2x2 Long Term 3m/50 Tech Deal - Group 1


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Permanently Closed! - also Ostap Bender is a thief.


n8digger ---(3m)---> Ostap Bender

Wobbler ---(3m)---> Spartyon

Spartyon ---(50t)---> n8digger

Ostap Bender ---(50t)---> Wobbler

Roster: **FULL**

Buyer 1: n8digger

Buyer 2: Wobbler

Seller 1: Ostap Bender

Seller 2: Spartyon


Ruler Name:

Buyer or Seller?

Nation Link:

Can you commit to this as a long term deal? Y/N


1. You are not at war with ANY other nations, period.

2. You and your associated alliance are not under aid sanctions.

3. You agree to fully comply with the terms of this deal and keep 2 aid slots open for the predetermined dates for our trade agreement.

4. You will not attempt to defraud our organization. Attempts to do such will be harshly dealt with in any means necessary deemed reasonable by the organization, affiliated nations and alliances. The options include but are not limited to: reparations, apologetic letter sent to all involved parties, official contact with the leader(s) of the alliance, ZI the nation in question.

5. You will be punctual with payments so that we can continue to process this transaction recurring every 10 days.

6. You will notify me via CN Forums or in game PM at least 48 hours prior to the next round if you choose to drop out.

By applying to become a part of this tech trading organization you fully agree to the terms specified within and are hereby held accountable for your actions and will be punished, if any breach of these terms occurs, to the fullest extent of the collective power of the members of this organization and their alliances.

How it works:

On the predetermined date the following aid transactions take place all at once.

Buyer 1 ---(3m)---> Seller 1

Buyer 2 ---(3m)---> Seller 2

Seller 1 ---(50t)---> Buyer 2

Seller 2 ---(50t)---> Buyer 1

Thank you all for your interest.

Edited by n8digger
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Ruler Name: spartyon

Buyer or Seller? Seller

Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=372003

Can you commit to this as a long term deal? Y

I won't have 2 slots until 1/12

Application Approved

It is alright that you are unable to start until the 12th, 2 days isn't a big deal. My aim here is to build a stable and reliable 2x2 deal so I ask more that you be on time with payments. I will go ahead and set the expected start date to be 1/12/10.

Also I will notify you via in game PM and in this topic when we are all set for the first round as well.

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Ruler Name: murph1797

Buyer or Seller? buyer

Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=287502

Can you commit to this as a long term deal? yes

I sincerely thank you for your interest in joining my tech trading circle but I have filled the slots already. I do apologize for not being able to update my post sooner to reflect this change. However, I will strongly keep you in mind for an alternate. Furthermore, if I find time next week to set up another one of these 2x2 circles I will definitely message you and invite you to join it. You will have first priority for that one.

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