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CCC Elections

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It is with great pleasure and joy that we inform you we have had another successful election and smooth transition.

Our leaders are:

Chancellor: Jelly Doughnut of Wiggliana

Vice-Chancellor: Allycowie of Les Paul Supreme

Minister of Defense: Nate1865 of Manifest Destiny

Minister of Internal Affairs: L Ruth of Varmland

Minister of Foreign Affairs: King Wilkinson of Ulsterstan

I was also going to announce that we are now over the 2M NS mark see...


We have, however, dropped just below that now. I'm sure we'll be back above 2M NS in no time so I'll just announce that we broke the 2M NS barrier and let the hailing begin!

Also, feel free to stop by #CN-CCC on coldfront and join the mirth and frivolity.

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Congrats on FINALLY going over 2 mil for the first time :P

Lots of familiar faces in that gov too. Heck, KW was DMoFA when I was still in the alliance ;) Congrats to all, and specially to L Ruth, whom I believe is a first-time High Council member.

I will echo what SCY said. Do all things for His Glory. :)

:wub: CCC :wub:

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