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Crescent Moon Republic


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if you've ever wondered if there was something more to life than just buying infra, if you've ever wanted to be apart of something special, you NEED to join the Crescent Moon Republic today!!! As a member of the republic you will have access to our banking system which has millions of dollars ready for distrubtion. You will have full protection from anyone who would attack you nation, and more importantly, you'll actually matter! Most alliance don't care about individual nations because they can always find more, but we truly believe that its the individual that creates great alliances, not numbers or any arbitray thing like that. So join us today by doing the following:

1) sign up o our forums, located here

2) change your alliance affiliation to "CMR applicant" immediately

once you've been accepted into the alliance via our forums you will become a full member of our community. As long as you fly the "cmr applicant" banner you are under the military protection of our alliance.

So join up today, just for joining up and proving your dedication we'll send you a 100k aid package

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