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Adrians Syrup Treaty



I. Both signatories agree to neither attack each other nor spy on each other, unless both signatories are bored.

II. Intelligence:

The signatories agree to share any intelligence critical to each others security with one another.

III. Aid:

The signatories agree to provide financial aid to each other if a request is made, within each signatories abilities.

IV. Defense:

Both signatories may request assistance in a defensive war, but neither party has any obligation to fulfill said request.

V. Cancellation:

This treaty may be canceled 72 hours after private notification of the reasons behind the cancellation. If no reason is given, Zurital agrees to receive 42 lashes.

VI. A Matter of Syrup:

Zurital must give Adrian_LaCroix all of his tech.

*Clause VI is null and void once Adrians Syrup is returned.

Signed for the Brigade:


Brigadier General: Xander Don

Chief Commissioner: FoAmY99

Grand Emissary: Segovia


Military Affairs: SeraphimJulius

Internal Affairs: JB dinglenutz

Foreign Affairs: Ecthelion

Signed for Sanctuary:

Consul - Zurital

Consul - Edmond Dantes

Grand Praetor - Lilmonkey880

Praetor of War - Seth

Praetor of Interior - Cromwell4

Praetor of Recruitment - Wongberto

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