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Resignation, Truth and Aplogies


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Yesterday afternoon, I received word that Emporor had been locked out the Echo forums and had also been removed from the alliance for allegedly mocking the then Regent of the alliance, Emperor Stranger. During this exchange, it was let out that various members of Echo's government were not following the rules of the game. I am not out to accuse anybody and i have let the appropriate people know my opinion on the matter. As soon as this happened, i was of the opinion that Echo was to be disbanded due to the lack of leadership. I therefore joined UJA. I have been personally attacked for this decision as Echo was not treatied to UJA in any way at the time, however as a member of an alliance in the UJA in SE, i knew a few of the people there.

I then contacted RnR, Echo's treaty partners about the situation. I was asked if i would be willing to make Echo work, having been given the backing of RnR. I brought in Emporor to help me as i don't have much experience of running alliances (See Pink Industrial Enigma for evidence). I then set about asserting the membership of Echo to try to get them to rally around the new leadership and not to leave the alliance. This proved difficult as Emperor Stranger (King Tyler), was reported to have been trying to stir up other alliances and "personal friends" to attack Emporor as revenge for Emporor's actions. Also, I was contacted by Emperor Stranger who told me that he had appointed a new Emperor of Echo to replace Eyerack. This left the membership of the alliance confused as there were rumors that some alliance members logged into their accounts to discover that they had up to 15 contradicting messages in their inboxes.

While all of this was going on, various people and alliances across TE were "picking sides" based on what they had heard from various reports. I was reluctant to disclose too much information as i believed that the matter would be best solved between Myself, Emporor and Eyerack. Various names have been given to the events that had transpired. I believe that this was in no way a coup as there was no government to coup, i merely stood up where others may not have been as willing to to try and take charge of an alliance who's reputation had been severely tarnished.

I have been repeatedly attacked personally for various things. It has been rumored that myself and Emporor planned all of this in order to overthrow the leadership of Echo for our own personal gain. I dismiss these rumors as rubbish. Anybody who knows me personally will tell you that I have absolutely no ambition whatsoever.

In an attempt to silence the people saying I planned for any of these events to happen for my own personal gain, I hearby resign as Acting Emperor of Echo.

I would also like to apologize to the following people for the trouble I have caused:

  • Cody Haner - He and UJA took me in when i left Echo and then signed a treaty with us moments later.
  • RnR - Echo's loyal treaty partners who did everything they could to provide the alliance with stability
  • Purple Unity - Echo's ties to UJA have put unnecessary strain on PU and i express a personal apology to Thom.
  • Eyerack - I acted in the way that i thought was best for the Alliance as a whole which undermined your leadership of the alliance you worked so hard to create.
  • Echo's Members - For sending them far too many PMs which will have led to confusion within the alliance.

I hope that with this decision, i have silenced those of you who have suggested that I set out to destroy an alliance for my own personal gain. I hope that somebody can give Echo a new sense of direction, whether they are asked to by the former Leaders or not.

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I will be happy to still offer my assistance to whomever takes over the new Echo, if it survives.

Sorry to see this but, we did what we could and what we were asked to do. Maybe if we would have gotten more support by the people who asked for our help... Echo may have survived.

I wish DP the best of wishes and hope that Echo is not slaughtered as I predict it will be.

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