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Werewolf & cross-alliance-meeting

sodom gomorrah

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We had a topic about this recently, but I will make another, rather than grave-digging.

I have promised to host a Werewolf forum game at our protectorate VOC's forums, and i would like to invite you all to this joyful celebration. Now I've spoken to people in many of the major alliances, but would like to extend the invitation to everyone. '

The party hosted is more or less an occasion to meet new people from different alliances, people that might not be dragged forth so easily otherwise. We have quite a few government peeps coming from alliances like Umbrella and FOK, and in general; people from all around. The werewolf game we'll be playing is a long-time thing, it goes on for two to four weeks, but doesn't require any insane activity, although activity sure makes it more enjoyable.

I hope i doesn't kill VOC*s boards or anything now, but.. welcome to City 17. It's safer here.

Oh, and there will be Pie, cookies and beer. And sky if i can convince her she ain't otherwise occupied:) (It's remarkable how most things are more enjoyable in the company of charming women, isn't it? :) )

/Sodom Gomorrah

Ps. Take this, it is dangerous ahead :)http://board.voc-concord.net/index.php

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