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Retiring from Echo


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Do to the fact that I have way to much to deal with in RL, as I have said several times, I am herby retiring from Echo as the regent. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying for one second that I do not support DP with being the leader of Echo, Infact... I fully support him and his rule over Echo. At no point have I ever stated or felt that i needed to lead the alliance of Echo thus why I denied DP's request for duel leadership. I am sure this thread will be trashed the second it is made, which is fine... I could really care less.

The accusation that I have couped the previous leadership is well, rediculous. The fact of the matter is, they did something they should not have and were punished not by me, but by the people who are most honorable in their decisions, The mods. I left to UJA where I gained a leadership position, which was most kind of UJA. Only after being asked to return by the Echo allies, did I do so.

The reasons why I left Echo are simple, After reporting ES for his crimes he decided it was best to have me attacked. Therefore, I saw nothing to gain by staying but, instead I saw where I would lose mostly. Upon seeing that he planned on attacking me, I decided I would go to my most loyal friends in GATO, where I currently reside in CN:SE. Upon joining GATO, Echo launched their war against me under the control of ES. GATO acted by defending me and Echo quickly backed away.

Upon leaving Echo, I will be returning to GATO where I plan to finish out the rest of this round. I will continue to support DP in his political war against the ill informed. I will be finishing Echo's new forums which are going to be hosted by me.

Upon this, I herby anounce my departure from Echo.



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