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NHK [Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai]

Elrich von Richt

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.:[ 日本放送協会, Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai [Japan Broadcasting Corporation ]:.

[Public Broadcast #1]


[beginning of renovations in Nishinomiya-shi (The Capital)]


The planned Shibuyaki Grand Shrine, to be built in Nishinomiya

Today marks the beginning of actual renovation projects in the capital city of Nishinomiya, due to the still frail state of the original capital of Tokyo. The first of renovations to begin today will include the building of a new Grand Shrine, which will later be followed by the creation of a small-scale Imperial Palace where the Empress shall reside. These projects are ongoing debate over how the reconstruction of Tokyo and other cities across Japan should be orchestrated after the many nuclear weapons that hit the Home Islands.

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Rebuilding the Lost

January the 20th

NHK reporters today officially went towards the monarchy and the head of the Empire, Empress Suzumiya, to discuss the current situation of rebuilding efforts across the country. It has proved that the nuclear cleanup during Furon by ally Zargathia was more effective than initially planned. Due to this, time frames for complete rebuilding are estimated to only peak a total of 20 years. Tokyo is expected to be rebuilt in a total of 15, while others are under much lower time strains. Efforts towards rebuilding the historic sector of Tokyo have been put aside partially to continue rebuilding the modern structures that were damaged by nuclear weaponry. However, the rebuilding of the Grand Shrine and Imperial Palace is among the current list of top priorities. Eventual hopes to relocate the government to it's traditional home of Tokyo have been planned in the future, and ratings among the public for such a move have been mixed. As the story updates, so will NHK.

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