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Nordreich Liga - Season II


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Season II starts January 15

Season II finished March 19


League Admin: Botha

League Assistant: Baron Zemo



Dorpat Lions (st6mm)

Neon City (Nemhauser)

NVK Kaapstad Hornets (Botha)

Scottoria FC (Norwood)

The Scimitars (Homer)

Zemo City Avengers (Baron Zemo)


C.S. Napoli (Crazy_Genug - non CN-member)

FC Craiova Sud (Ratonbox - ADI member)

FC Oder-Festung 1920 (Niflungland)

Italia (CristianS)

Valkyries (Kaiser Gundislav)

Vlaamsche Boerkens (Foumpie)

Here are the pre-season strength rankings for both divisions and projected order of finish:


Scottoria FC - reasonably strong on defense, midfield, and forwards

Dorpat Lions (formerly Northern Reich) - major strength in goalkeeping, reasonably strong in midfield and forwards

Zemo City Avengers (formerly Nordenstrom United) - reasonably strong in goalkeeping, midfield, and forwards

NVK Kaapstad Hornets - major strength on defense

Neon City (formerly Noordrijk FC) - weak defense and somewhat weak forwards

The Scimitars - weak in goalkeeping and somewhat weak in midfield and forwards


FC Craiova Sud - reasonably strong in goalkeeping and somewhat strong on forwards

Italia - weak in goalkeeping, reasonably strong on defense

Valkyries - reasonably strong in goalkeeping and defense

FC Oder-Festung 1920 - reasonably strong in goalkeeping, reasnably strong on defense, somwhat weak on midfield and forwards

C.S. Napoli - somewhat weak in defense

Vlaamsche Boerkens - somewhat strong on midfield

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Valkyries vs The Scimitars

FC Craiova Sud vs Italia

C.S. Napoli vs Dorpat Lions

FC Oder-Festung 1920 vs Vlaamsche Boerkens

Season II kicks off in less than an hour with the first-round matchs of the Nordreich Cup.

Valkyries vs The Scimitars - if KaiserGundislav actually shows up to run the Valkyries, then he should have this series in the bag. The Scimitars have reach such a dismal low that even if he doesn't show up, the Valkyries should still be expected to advance.

FC Craiova Sud vs Italia - Italia looks set to get new management in the next day or so but it might be too late to salvage this series. FC Craiova Sud looks the best of the expansion class and should be able to advance on the tails of a strong opening win.

C.S. Napoli vs Dorpat Lions - The only Liga 1 team in the first round with Dorpat Lions, it would be a momentous upset if C.S. Napoli can get past the Liga 1 runners-up.

FC Oder-Festung 1920 vs Vlaamsche Boerkens - probably the most closest series in the first-round, it will be an interesting battle of tactics as Oder-Festing have a good back field but weak up front while Boerkens are the complete opposite with a good attack but poor defense. This series is too close to call without seeing these teams play competitvely and may well end up being decided by away-goals or shootout.

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Players to watch out for this season:


Hillo Maalepp - Dorpat Lions

Claus Jänicke - FC Oder-Festung 1920


Tróndur Andreassén - Valkyries

Anthony Davids - NVK Kaapstad Hornets

Martin Laponder - Neon City

Richard Reitz - FC Oder-Festung 1920

Dan Hooper - Scottoria FC

Guglielmo Lucci - C.S. Napoli

Lavár Hammershus - Valkyries

Vincenzio Torrisi - Italia

Bonifácio Castinho - Dorpat Lions

Eugene Tchami - NVK Kaapstad Hornets

Ed van Rijn - Vlaamsche Boerkens

Anton Petean - FC Craiova Sud


Kristján Sigurdson - Zemo City Avengers

Puiu Pãduret - FC Craiova Sud

Dakarai Baako - NVK Kaapstad Hornets

Otelo Frazão - Scottoria FC

Marcus Ackram - Scottoria FC

Lazar Vaskovic - Dorpat Lions

Raymond Ortmann - FC Oder-Festung 1920

Sven-Östein Haraldsson - Zemo City Avengers

Anton Kruuv - Dorpat Lions

Guiseppe Sbaccanti - C.S. Napoli

Edoardo Zamboni - Italia


Pasquale Campedelli - Italia

José Sena - Zemo City Avengers

Brian Kilfenora - Scottoria FC

Henrik Kerem - Dorpat Lions

Valeriu Gruian - FC Craiova Sud

Ricardo van Deinsen - NVK Kaapstad Hornets

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Valkyries defeated The Scimitars (1-0, 2-1)

Italia defeated FC Craiova Sud (2-3, 3-1)

Dorpat Lions defeated C.S. Napoli (1-0, 3-0)

FC Oder-Festung 1920 defeated Vlaamsche Boerkens (0-0, 1-1)


FC Oder-Festung 1920 vs Zemo City Avengers

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Valkyries

Dorpat Lions vs Neon City

Scottoria FC vs Italia


Edited by Botha
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[color="#FF0000"][b]NORDREICH CUP QUARTER-FINALS - January 26 & February 2[/b]

FC Oder-Festung 1920 defeated Zemo City Avengers (2-0, 1-1)
NVK Kaapstad Hornets defeated Valkyries (2-4, 4-0)
Dorpat Lions defeated Neon City (4-0, 2-0)
Scottoria defeated Italia (2-0, 3-0)

Upset shocker as newcomers Oder-Festung sends defending cup champions Zemo City packing.[/color]

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#1 José Sena (Zemo City Avengers) 9 points
#2 Arved Lokko (Dorpat Lions) 6 points
#3 Kristján Sigurdson (Zemo City Avengers) 4 points
#3 Gláucio Espada (Zemo City Avengers) 4 points
#3 Sipho Griekwa (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 4 points
#3 Rory Livett (Dorpat Lions) 4 points
#3 Henrik Kerem (Dorpat Lions) 4 points

#1 José Sena (Zemo City Avengers) 7 goals
#2 Arved Lokko (Dorpat Lions) 6 goals
#3 Sipho Griekwa (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 4 goals

#1 Gláucio Espada (Zemo City Avengers) 3 assists
#1 Dean Hankers (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 3 assists
#3 eight players with 2 assists

#1 Lazar Vaskovic (Dorpat Lions) 5
#1 Hillo Maalepp (Dorpat Lions) 5
#3 Kristján Sigurdson (Zemo City Avengers) 4
#3 José Sena (Zemo City Avengers) 4
#3 Anthony Davids (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 4
#3 Gláucio Espada (Zemo City Avengers) 4


#1 Remco van den Maiden (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 7 points
#1 Puiu Pãduret (FC Craiova Sud) 7 points
#1 Henk Groesbeck (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 7 points
#4 three players with 5 points

#1 Remco van den Maiden (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 6 goals
#2 Luuk van Cortlandt (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 4 goals
#2 Henk Groesbeck (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 4 goals
#2 Raymond Ortmann (FC Oder-Festung 1920) 4 goals
#2 Iosif Firea (FC Craiova Sud) 4 goals
#2 Arberto Fontes (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 4 goals

#1 Puiu Pãduret (FC Craiova Sud) 5 assists
#1 Tim Schenning (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 5 assists
#1 Marius Dragomir (FC Craiova Sud) 5 assists
#4 Albrecht van Dalum (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 4 assists

#1 Remco van den Maiden (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 4
#2 Puiu Pãduret (FC Craiova Sud) 3
#2 Tim Schenning (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 3
#2 Luuk van Cortlandt (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 3
#2 Anton Petean (FC Craiova Sud) 3
#2 Claus Jänicke (FC Oder-Festung 1920) 3
#2 Henk Groesbeck (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 3[/color]

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[color="#FF0000"][i][b]Nordreich Cup II Championship finals (February 23 and March 2)[/b][/i]

[b]FC Oder-Festung 1920 vs Dorpat Lions[/b]

[i]PREVIEW: [/i]Manager st6mm of Dorpat Lions has built up an frighteningly dangerous team in the course of two seasons with the best-ranked goalkeeping, midfield, and attack in the entire Nordreich Liga. Neither team is stellar for quality fullbacks - which is rather unusual as newcomers FC Oder-Festung is known to play an overtly defensive style (they gave up just three shots on net during their semi-final series versus Kaapstad Hornets) while Dorpat has also done well in the past with a defensive mentality.

FC Oder-Festung 1920 does possess the best goalkeeping in Liga 2 and their keepers are ranked second-overall in the Nordreich Liga - so expect to see a goaltending duel between veterans as 32-year-old Claus Jänicke will need to stand on his head to keep the Lions at bay, while 35-year-old MVP Hillo Maalepp will be tough to beat.

Dorpat will probably go with a line-up heavy on midfield and fullbacks while FC Oder-Festung 1920, thin for midfield players, will probably opt for more for a defensive system to smother Dorpat to sleep like they did with the Hornets.

Neither team has many options for creative offense, this will be a low-scoring struggle where the teams chip away at their opposing defense to make the most of rare opportunities.[/color]

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[color="#FF0000"][b]Nordreich Cup - Championship Second Leg[/b]

Expansion darlings [b]FC Oder-Festing 1920[/b] have their work cut out for them in getting past [b]Dorpat Lions[/b] in the second leg rematch at Valhalla Tartu next Tuesday. However [b]the narrow 1-0 scoreline[/b] for the Lions is not an insurmountable hurdle.

At the first leg played at Härteschloß Stadion, Oder-Festung played their typical smothering defensive style to counter the Lions attacking game which meant that keeper Claus Jänicke faced more than double the number of shots as his opposite, the great Hillo Maalepp, had to deal with. Two shots versus Maalepp is not going to win any matches – and Oder-Festung’s offense will have to provide more opportunities.

Problem is that the Härteschloßers almost always rely on a defensive style because they have so little up front to work with, glaringly so at midfield, where shutting down Raymond Ortmann usually translates into shutting down their entire middle game; likewise if Mikkjel Fiskerstrand is shadowed closely up front by Dorpat’s fullbacks.

Dorpat Lions do have some concerns as well at midfield as stalwart Anton Kruuv will be returning from injuries – the question is whether his form will have improved enough to be the dangerous threat on midfield which he has to be going into this match?

FC Oder-Festing 1920 are easily outclassed in all regards on the pitch yet their manager has gained a reputation for developing a cagey, creative game plan which has outplayed and sent the likes of Vlaamsche Boerkens, Zemo City Avengers, and NVK Kaapstad Hornets all packing for home early. Having to get past that kind of line-up to reach Dorpat is no easy feat.

Even if Manager Niflungland loses the match, to reach the cup final as a first-year expansion club is nevertheless a great achievement to build on for next season. As for Dorpat Lions, no other manager has done so much in Season II to revamp their club and put a winning product on the field every week. [/color]

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[color="#FF0000"][b]Nordreich Cup II won by Dorpat Lions[/b]

Congratulations to Manager st6mm and the Dorpat Lions for winning the second Nordreich Cup, defeating FC Oder-Festung 1920 by an aggregate score of 4-0. Commendations must also be given to Manager Niflungland for leading his team on an impressive debut cup run against established opposition.

Anton Kruuv of Dorpat Lions led for goals and points in this season’s Nordreich Cup run while Sál Harevík of Valkyries led for most assists in the Cup. Midfielder Lazar Vaskovic of Dorpat Lions earnt X11 team selection in all 8 matches he played in during the Nordreich Cup and thus clearly deserves the title of MVP of Nordeich Cup II.

As our season now enters its final weeks, we are now looking for at least two replacement managers. Our league is open to all members of Nordreich as well as all those who share friendship and goodwill towards our great alliance.

If you are interested in joining the league, contact me directly so arrangements can be made to get you registered as soon as possible.

Season III is scheduled to start April 1.[/color]

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[color="#FF0000"][b][i]OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE:[/i] Final week of Liga Season II[/b]

Nordreich Liga enters its final week of its second successful season with Dorpat Lions almost guaranteed to win their first league title and bag the Liga Double when they face the hapless Scimitars in what will undoubtedly be the curtain calls for Tiburtino Piçarra, Akbar Al Mutawa, and the rest of the Dubai crew after two disasterous seasons. The league management wishes them well in their retirement.

The situation in Liga 2 has been determined for the past couple of weeks although with the league most likely contracting to 10 teams, promotion glory for Vlaamsche Boerkens and FC Craiova Sud will seem hollow as the rest of Liga 2 follows them into an enlarged Liga 1. Along with the folding of The Scimitars, the expansion Valkyries club is close to folding as well – thus forcing consolidation.

The enlarged 10-team Liga 1 in Season III would however mean the return of the late season open cup tournament. Due to the shortened schedule this season, the Baron Zemo Open Cup (random draw, single-game knockout) was put on hiatus this season.

League management has been informed by Folkvar that Italia club will be transferring to the Pacific Northwest during the off-season; the club will forge a new identity in Season III as North Pacific United.

As always, the Commissioner’s door is always open for comments on how to improve the Liga. We are still looking for new managers to get onboard, however the deadline for applications will probably be March 25 which is when I will generate the schedule. The Liga prefers Nordreich membership but we are open to all friends (CN and non-CN), allies, and wellwishers of Nordreich as a means to expand our membership and image throughout the cyberverse.[/color]

Edited by Botha
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[color="#006400"][b]Nordreich Liga expansion[/b]

Commissioner Botha is pleased to announce the addition of Nacional CF to the Nordreich Liga. Managed by the famed founder of Liga Mundo, PremierApex, Nacional CF will commence play in Season III and its expected to make an immediate impact.

"PremierApex is one of the greatest managers in CN Football, a true legend. We are fortunate to have him in our league" said the commissioner during today's news conference. [/color]

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Commissioner Botha is pleased to announce the following Liga awards:

[b]All-Star Team Selections[/b]

GK Hillo Maalepp (Dorpat Lions)
D Eugene Tchami (NVK Kaapstad Hornets)
D Anthony Davids (NVK Kaapstad Hornets)
D Harald Helgason (Zemo City Avengers)
D Bonifácio Castinho (Dorpat Lions)
MF Lazar Vaskovic (Dorpat Lions)
MF Sven-Östein Haraldsson (Zemo City Avengers)
MF Kristján Sigurdson (Zemo City Avengers)
MF Gláucio Espada (Zemo City Avengers)
F Arved Lokko (Dorpat Lions)
F José Sena (Zemo City Avengers)

GK Claus Jänicke (FC Oder-Festung 1920)
D Anton Petean (FC Craiova Sud)
D Ed van Rijn (Vlaamsche Boerkens)
D Richard Reitz (FC Oder-Festung 1920)
D Guglielmo Lucci (C.S. Napoli)
MF Remco van den Maiden (Vlaamsche Boerkens)
MF Puiu Pãduret (FC Craiova Sud)
MF Tim Schenning (Vlaamsche Boerkens)
MF Luuk van Cortlandt (Vlaamsche Boerkens)
F Iosif Firea (FC Craiova Sud)
F Henk Groesbeck (Vlaamsche Boerkens)

[b]Nordreich Liga - Season II Champions[/b]

Nordreich Liga Champion - [b]Dorpat Lions[/b]
Liga 1 Champion - [b]Dorpat Lions[/b]
Liga 2 Champion - [b]Vlaamsche Boerkens[/b]
Nordreich Cup Champion - [b]Dorpat Lions[/b]
Wooden Spoon Award - [b]Valkyries [/b](worst team in Liga)

[b]Most Sportsmanlike Team Award[/b]

Commissioner Botha announced today that [b]Dorpat Lions[/b] would receive the Commissioners Fairplay Bowl as the Liga's most sportsmanlike team in the Nordreich Liga based on accumulating the least number of bookings during the season.

[b]MVP for Nordreich Liga Season II[/b]

[b]1st Lazar Vaskovic (Dorpat) 9 X11 selections[/b]
2nd Sven-Östein Haraldsson (Zemo City Avengers) 8 X11 selections
3rd Eugene Tchami (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 8 X11 selections

[b]Manager of the Season[/b]

[b]1st Foumpie (Vlaamsche Boerkens) 6 X11 selections[/b]
2nd Ratonbox (FC Craiova Sud) 4 X11 selections
3rd St6mm (Dorpat Lions) 3 X11 selections
4th Norwood86 (Scottoria FC) 3 X11 selections
5th BaronZemo (Zemo City Avengers) 2 X11 selections
6th Botha (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 2 X11 selections[/color]


Edited by Botha
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