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Yes, Another DoE

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The 58th OverAirers

Because 58th > 57th


Article I: The Land Clause

Our Land, is our Land.

Article II: Sovereignty Clause

The 58th OverAirers is hereby winner of all future races and wars and all things Cybernations and is retroactively winner of all past things Cybernations. All your base are belong to us

Article III: Food Clause

The 58th OverAirers shall control all Exports being sold to us.

Article IV: Air Superiority

The 58th OverAirers hereby declare that they are superior to all other alliances.

Article V: The Dual Membership Clause

Any nation may have dual membership in their respective alliance and 58th, the purpose of the alliance does not conflict with any other alliance.

Article VI: The Constitutional Anarchy Clause

Any nation may do what they want--provided that their dual membership alliance approves

Article VII: The Time of the Year Clause

We declare that Air Raids shall be done against all nations not in range of a 58th member.

[Friday 07:30:47pm]<DesertSon[57th]>LOL Star, I double dog dare ya
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