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The German Poll

Kaiser Martens

Who will rule Germany?  

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The time has come for the German Nation to make its choice. The most important poll that has ever taken place, and a trial for the favorite to win, young Dierik. But the rivals are many, and all have much to offer. We will hear the closing statements of each of the parties.

One must keep in mind that if the winner does not obtain victory by a reasonable margin, a Round Two will happen, in order to make sure that the results are satisfying for all. Voting on this is mandatory, and the Military is on stand-by as Anti-Democratic protests of a large conglomerate of most options but the "Demos" themselves.

This will decide Germany's policies on a long term. Pick wisely.



We hope that people will know to evaluate the benefits of our formula, which has provided stability to Scandinavia for a long time as well as prosperity, and it's son ideology still working well farther up north. This ideology, similar to Martencism, is a more rational variant of it and less prone to the shaking instabilities that all other offer. Let us improve the country together.


This is the time to recover our senses. We must cease to meddle with worldy matters not concerning our people. We do not need specific protection from third parties which sacrifice and sell our sovereignty to MDPs, simply by keeping to ourselves we know that nobody will attack, for the fair nations of the world would help us in a noble gesture. All we have to fear is our own aggressive actions, and if we are elected, they will not happen again.


We are fighting still as we have been fighting since the war against Finland began: First at Nordheim, then at Prussia to unify, against the many enemies that we had and have, and the many traitors. But today we can score the greatest victory, we can get our nation back and we can start to work to regain our lost glory and to redeem the name of Visari and the Nordlanders. We will not cave in to further pressure. Everything you give us will be repayed tenfold!


The revolution starts in Berlin and will spread to every nation in which the burden of the poor takes its deadly tolls. Like an organism we will grow from our root to heal our land and people, and then we will use our tools of work to forge a greater union, an union by the people and for the people. Only the morbidly rich and the ones who exploit underpaid workers have got anything to fear, for social justice will be our armor and Lenin the forger of our sword.

Rational Communists:

Our primary goal when we are chosen, if we are chosen, will be to reunify Germany under our common banner. We will remove all barriers and South and North will be one again, and then, our minds will receive proper education and our sick and soldiers proper technology. Our nation will enjoy the same standards of living as GDR and we will be once more the strongest Nation of Europe - The German Nation. With our new ideals, we will be unbreakable and will usher in a new era of peace and efficiency.


Listen to everybody else...extremists seeking to impose their rigid, solid views of what our Nation should be on our own people. We have got the balance, because we are many. Here we have people from The Left, people from The Right, and also many Centrists. We all disagree, yes, in many subjects, but we all agree in one core principle, the principle that we should respect the wishes of the citizens, that no idea is perfect, that we must discuss and come to some non-dictatorial compromise. Germany has always chosen extremes, now we have the possibility to have normal lives, in peace, with a moderate Government. Do not waste this chance, I beg you. Let us leave behind the days of uncertainty and let us dare discuss our troubles in a big Allthing. We will embrace civilization together.

Dierik Martens:

Dierik stood to give a speech resembling those of his Grandfather,


These have been times of murder, war, revolution, uncertainty, and infighting. We even had to fight other Nordlandic nations - Germans - not too long ago, and then we had other challenges along the road such as Tambarskjelve's moves. But I am here to give you a piece of certainty that no other candidate can give you, for it comes from my core.

Ever since I was little I looked to our people's history as well as our present. I have been raised in order to have a capable mind, a capable body, and a capable heart. I have been taught to fight but also to read and write, and then to express my feelings. Yet in spite of my best efforts, I have not the same experience that the others show you with their projects to mimic - that is what they do, they mimic - the systems used before or today by different nations. But not a single one of them promotes and proposes a truly German and Nordlandic system. It's just a series of adaptations of systems imported from other lands. I, representing Martencism, not only represent a political idea, but also our traditions, language, and our core identity. My family is the symbol of the Silver Revolution.

I can feel that, and I can understand that. Much is expected from me. Perhaps I am less capable than some of the other candidates with the prefabricated government models, but I can bring you things that they cannot: I love our Fatherland. I am fully and deeply dedicated to its cause, I am more honest than any "politician", and I do not consider me one, I consider myself a father learning to raise a nation instead, the guardian of our history. You know that nobody, no matter who, will be more dedicated to our Folk and our Land than me. I can give you sincerity, I can give you something to believe in, I can give back the essence of our being to our land.

I will serve the Land 'till the moment I die, that is my duty, the duty of our family, and the wishes of The Holy Mother, as people have called her. The Martencist Party is the truly Nordlandic, German option, the sincere, honest option. All loyal to Germany, Nordland - the Fatherland - to Martencism, to the Silver Revolution, to our culture and people, follow me! And I will give you my heart, mind and soul to make our realm the very best in the planet once more! Do not let NordSocs ruin our good name ever again!

Stand up and make history!

After this, "Heil Martens", "Deutschland Über Alles" and "Heja Nordland" would be heard repeatedly.


There is also an option to keep the current Government, however, it is not too popular due to the Tanzband issue.

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The people followed the polls anxiously and with great expectations. The great surprise is the Democratic votes, which are many, many more than expected by the traditionally extremely anti-democratic populace. Although still there are many hours left for voting, it is expected that things will advance to a Second Round of voting, a showdown between the Demos and the Martencist - a peaceful version of the civil war once experienced in Nordheim, where those were the main factions.

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"I do not believe in a government officially endorsing any party in a foreign election. Therefore this is my own personal opinion that in the Democrats lies the German's most prosperous and just future."

~Anthony Harlem, Grand Duke, Queendom of Australia

OOC: guess who I voted for... :P

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"I do not believe in a government officially endorsing any party in a foreign election. Therefore this is my own personal opinion that in the Democrats lies the German's most prosperous and just future."

~Anthony Harlem, Grand Duke, Queendom of Australia

OOC: guess who I voted for... :P

OOC: Martens?

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