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Announcement from the Foreign Office


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I am happy to announce the completion of diplomatic work between the League and the Federation that has been ongoing since the Federation's founding. With the signing of this document the Sicilian League and the Italian Federation are committing ourselves to creating a stable and prosperous Italian Peninsula.

-Hossein Al-Hussein

League Director of Foreign Affairs

Italian Stability Agreement

ARTICLE I. Basic Agreements

The parties agree to refrain from any action which will undermine or infringe upon the independence of the other signatory. It is understood that this agreement is to promote greater cooperation between the Italian States (Italian Federation, Sicilian League).


The Sicilian League-Italian Federation border is established as the Southern border of the Latium province, following a line running parallel to the E80 highway to the city of Pescara. The border will be established as 2 miles North of the E80 highway and 3 miles North of the Pescara City limits.

The Tuscan Archipelago will be administered by the Italian Federation. However the area will remain demilitarized unless both parties reach agreement to any changes in military deployments to the seven islands that make up the archipelago.


The Sicilian League-Italian Federation border will remain free of customs restrictions or duties. Visas will not be required for registered citizens of the Italian Federation or Sicilian League when traveling to the other country. Only proof of citizenship will be required for entry.

In order to prevent abuse of the open border the signatories agree to coordinate the establishment of strict and stringent customs and immigration policies with other nations


No restrictions will be placed on travel between the Sicilian League and the Italian Federation and easy transit via land, sea and air will be allowed for.


Both signatories agree to eliminate all forms of external tariff, quota or other trade restriction on goods and services originating in either nation.

ARTCLE VI. Defense

The signatories agree to mutually defend each other in the event either signatory is attacked by an outside power. In the event either signatory is attacked and this Article becomes active then coordination of forces and military activities is to be made for the duration of the activation period.

ARTICLE VII. Coordination

The signatories agree to coordinate military and intelligence capabilities as needed to ensure the safety and security of both signatories, to better safeguard each signatory’s interests and ensure the achievement of each signatory’s aims.

ARTICLE VIII. Cancellation

Should it become necessary to cancel this agreement then intent to cancel must be given to the other signatory 7 days in advance.

Signed for the Italian Federation,

Thomas Dobbs, President

Caterina Sforza, Prime Minister

Signed for the Sicilian League,

Jean d'Aosta, Steward of the League

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