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Wrapping up German Changes

Kaiser Martens

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Ever since things had begun changing in Germany, an unusually quiet year went by after the victory of Tanzband in the Trial. The air was still tense and there was still a fair amount of dissent against Tambarskjelve's rule, but the people had remained still as they were very aware that soon a chance could be forced without violence. After the EU attempted to capture Germany, and after the world and Germany's own prosperity stopped it, not only Nordlandic and German ways were safeguarded, but also the road to the last few meters of the german changing curve were reached.

The Landmine, even by accident, had proved again that it would better be left untouched.

The heir to the throne, Dierik Magnhildsson Martens, had turned eighteen and was now elligible for rule. Tambarskjelve, the Regent, would no longer be needed. The procedure for solving such a situation had been written by Kaiser Martens the First long ago, in order to prevent the Martencist Meritocracy from turning simply into a corrupt Monarchy over the many many generations that it was to last, a system of trials and plebiscites was assembled.

Dierik would, if things happened as he wanted them to, become Kaiser Martens the Second, the son of Kaiserin Magnhild and Bruno Zamoyski. He had passed the tests so far. His final test would be gaining the favor, hearts and minds of the Germans. But he was not the only one who wished to do this. In this Plebiscite, other forms of Government would be proposed. After the incertainty left by the Wende, it was not certain if the last Martencist state, and also the last Nordlandic (Not counting the Nordic) state would continue to be as it was. What was remarkable, is that this all was happening in peace and stability, and a true continuity would be possible, unlike the post-Nordland disasters.

The Candidates would soon step up. It was time for questions, and after a week, the polls proper would begin.


Dierik Magnhildsson Martens

Ideology: Martencist

Age: 18

Place of Birth: Hamburg

Height: 2.06m


The heir to the Throne has had a life filled with challenges. Born right as Nordland dissolved, he had to be hidden away and protected, and was later taken to Prussia under Tanzband's protection. He received there the best education as well as military training, and recently finished school. He was assigned to a reserve Panzer Unit during the HRE conflict, but did not see action. He has also studied mixed-style fighting and has so far kept a low profile. He speaks German, Nordlandic, Spanish and Russian, and will soon begin studies on Germanistics. Although he has a great fortune, he lives in a relatively simple manner, disliking excessive luxury, seen as a Western vice.

Government Plans:

He wishes to continue with the Tanzband administration's policies, cooperating with the continent regardless of ideologies without strongly binding Germany militarily to any of the sides that appear and disappear in order to prevent polarization and instability. As such, he favors PEPTO but unlike other members of the treaty, can be seen as more of a moderate. The media so far due to his visual similarity to the first Kaiser Martens, has called him a Moderate Vesion of KM1, or KM v2.0. Some have criticized this as cowardice or expertise, while others see this same trait as a show of maturity. He is so far the Favorite Candidate.

Apparent Advantage: Continuity with the old traditions, fresh blood uncorrupted by politics, high charisma.

Criticized For: Not taking strong stances: Is he being cowardly or cautious?

Racionalist Communist Council

Not running as a person but instead as a group, the Chief Council of the Racionalist Communists are built to immitate the Southern Germans, wishing to use their ideology to unite the German Peoples and to increase the standard of living of the Citizens. They wish to slowly reform Germany's government to match closely that of the South, and then to merge into a greater Germany. Although they propose many changes, they distance themselves from the regular cliche communists - which they dislike - and will put forth changes over time, to strengthen the economy and the country.

Apparent Advantage: The economic model of the South is extremely powerful, and unity is tempting.

Criticized For: This may be viewed as "capitulating" to the south, and un-german.

German Democratic Coalition

Another group that has decided to run, proposing Western-style democracy like many other countries. They do not propose specific reforms other than a shift to a democratic system, to then allow the formation of a Parliament chosen by the people which will in turn then decide which issues need to be modified in the country proper. This consists of a group with many smaller sub-groups with varying democratic ideologies and ideas, which have simply banded together in order to achieve democracy, so questions will be answered by the main groups: Left (Socialdemocracy), Center (Moderates), Right (Democratic Nationalists).

Apparent Advantage: This would make Germany a more Normal nation.

Criticized For: This would make Germany a more Normal nation.

True Socialist Initiative

A classical USSR-style Communist group, containing a mix of Leninist-Trotskyist thought but also a small group of Stalinists within, using that country's old history as a model for the new state, wishing to mimic it to construct a new Soviet Union with its capital city on Berlin instead of Moscow, with open borders for all oppressed workers wishing to have a better life.

Apparent Advantage: They use a system which has been proved to work well for some time.

Criticized For: The system eventually crumbled by itself. People are skeptical.

Carl Gustav Friesmann:

The Leader of the Nordic Socialist Party, a small group which has fought legal battles in order to prevent Tambarskjelve's country-wide Anti-NordSoc policies to be able to have a chance at the ellections. They propose the reconstruction of Nordland under Visarist policies, alignment to EU, but unlike the old NordSocs they oppose being belligerent towards Slavorussia. They support leaving PEPTO due to Übersteinian, Finnish membership in this treaty.

Apparent Advantage: Strong, experienced leadership and a firm leader with clearer goals than the others.

Criticized For: Nordic Socialism is very controversial and disliked by many, even if loved by others.

Isolationist Front:

Tor Heine, a war veteran, is the leader of a coalition of peoples of varying ideologies that agree that Germany should preserve its autarchy and in fact become completely isolationist, closing all borders to any interaction, closing digital channels and isolating the land completely forever, cutting off all treaties as well, citing that the Fatherland is well as is, and does not need to get involved with worldly issues which they claim will lead inevitably to war and harm.

Apparent Advantage: Ceases to meddle with the affairs of other nations indefinitely, avoiding war.

Criticized For: Being unrealistic, as it is thought that such a path would lead to third parties invading Germany without any allies to defend it.

Übersteinianist Party:

Going by old Übersteinian ideology, modelling itself after the old Übersteinian state, while being nostalgic about the lost ally to Germany that it represented. It of course supports reapproachment to Finland and imitates the old state in its action, banning Religious buildings and organizations. This ideology claims to be different from Modern (Republican) Übersteinianism, and propose to have a Triumvirate serve as dictators, using pre-Finland Übersteinianism.

Apparent Advantage: The system is close to Martencism, and is known to work well over an extended period of time.

Criticized For: Messing with religion, a big part of culture even for the many atheists that exist.

Each of the groups is ready for Questions.

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Interesting indeed the amount of candidates and democratic push in Germany. There is no brighter future for this country, Australia is sure of this. Of course we have a few questions which if could be answered would be most appreciated. Our first question is stated to Mister Martens, in suit we would like to know, that while your policies appear moderate and much more vocal that Germany has been of late, Europe is still a continent of division, mirroring a world of utter division as well. Since our nation cannot deal greatly with Europe due to the vast distance, we would like to know how vocal does Germany plan to be in the greater global community? Will the Mirror Doctrine will continue to be followed or will a different type of political consequence come from this reform? And if Germany does increase its voice in global discussion, where does Mister Martens see himself in the greater world community and where does he plan to take Germany in this ever changing world?

A question to the German Democratic Coalition, unfortunately, we must address this to all leaders. You talk about the fact that you have no designs other than the process of making Germany a democratic nation, however we must ask, if there is a political victory, where do you see Germany heading in the world with this new democratic government? As where does each faction of the German Democrats see themselves taking the nation after their hypothetical victory.

My personal wishes of luck goes to both of these political factions for their eventual victory in the German political system and the hopes that Germany will become an active voice in the world once again.

-HRH Hannah Asgeirsson


Apparent Advantage: This would make Germany a more Normal nation.


Criticized For: This would make Germany a more Normal nation.


Epically Awesome

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"Well, it should be obvious who we'd like to see in the government.

However, we shall not influence the elections in any way. We don't want to manipulate the people of Germany, and really, who wouldn't like to have a powerful economy?


>>Criticized For: This may be viewed as "capitulating" to the south, and un-german.<<

You don't like our beer?

Also, what does each party think of the fact that our Chairman was turned into an artificial intelligence which now rules our nation with unprecedented efficiency?"

OOC: See http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...t&p=2033679 and previous posts in that thread for "what happened".

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OOC: Hahaha


"We would continue with the mirror doctrine, but mirrors are only able to reflect parts of images at once. The world at large is not unified, we cannot mirror it all at once. We will instead prefer to reflect the best images we can to help, maybe the mirror can be used to show conflicting parties how their problem looks from another angle and position, to help them understand. One thing I do not understand is why people are concerned about Europe being divided, not unified. When Europe was unified under Nordland, the problem was that there was one Europe, and lack of variety, now that we have variety, it seems that this is the problem as well. The different countries just need to learn to get along. We all may have our goals, but we can't keep going to war several times a year. It's just no good. As for the Global Community, we always prefer to only deal with issues directly concerning us, we fear that if we got involved with things happening in other continents, we would bring further destabilization. If we get involved, we'll try and get involved with words. If you look at the recent happenings, whenever a nation tries to do something or sometimes even speak its mind about something happening in another continent, it's criticized for perceived colonialism or imperialism regardless of true intention. If I rule Germany, I care about Germany. Nobody can or should afford to be world police. I wish I could say more, but things are so changing in this continent that all that can truly be used as a guideline is mantaining sovereignty, and stability is needed for this."

You don't like our beer?

"We certainly do. You should have named yourselves something other than Communists, even if you're not the "Red Scare" that the NordSocs claim you to be, that name alone makes people uneasy. Also, the leader of your nation had once invaded Germany, and coincidentially, your previous Government tried doing the same. This makes a lot of people paranoid. It's a shame, but that's the way it is. We need to work to fix this. As for the artificial intelligence and efficiency, well, call me old-fashioned, but I prefer and oldschool flesh-and-bone ruler. Still, in the end, efficiency itself cannot be argued against!"


The Racionalist Communists hope that this will be a chance for national reunion, and are working on informing the people at large on the benefits and details of the new proposed path.

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"When Europe was unified under Nordland, the problem was that there was one Europe, and lack of variety, now that we have variety, it seems that this is the problem as well. The different countries just need to learn to get along. We all may have our goals, but we can't keep going to war several times a year."

"Peace through diversity. Hear hear! Mister Martens, indeed, hear hear! Australia wishes you the best in the coming election. Hopefully another voice of reason will get the people of Europa to realize that there is a strength in compassion with each other and we couldn't agree more with people speaking their mind and being criticized for it. It would appear that the entire world seems to pout when anything differs from their perceived norm. But perhaps that is too great of a wish. Nevertheless, good luck on the road ahead."

-HRH Hannah Asgeirsson

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"A question to all candidates. What are your views on Nordland's past? Which internal decision made by previous governments would you see as a wrong turn for the nation that you would want to undo under your rule?"

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Rationalist Communists:

Nordland in itself was a flawed concept altogether, it was a fictitious attempt to create a culture that did not exist. Because of this, sooner or later it was bound to collapse. Furthermore its overly centralized economic policies were flawed due to spending so much on useless things such as censorship and indoctrination instead of investments to help the people at large. A fake country with a fake economy sooner or later would crumble as it did, like a Germanic version of Yugoslavia and Czechslovakia, Serbs and Croats may be both slavs, Germans and Swedes may be both Germanic, but Nordlanders and Yugoslavians are a political invention in the end. So much was spent on propaganda to ensure this that economy was harmed further. Corruption ensured that resources were not spent properly. Nordland did everything wrong, and we will get rid of that madness and be Germans once and for all.


In many ways we agree with the Rational Communists, but we also wish to say that we all feel that Nordland placed an emphasis on unity and lack of factionalism only to try to supress different opinions. In our group we all stand for variety and have many ideas, because we feel that having different opinions on every subject is the only way to be ready to talk together and find a solution with common ground to all. Nordland merely forced whatever Visari felt like, the system was rotten to the core, and it proves that Fascism, Communism, Martencism and other authoritarian governments must not be allowed, because even if some may have at some point merit, they eventually generate monstruous sons, like National Socialism and Nordic Socialism, or Stalinism.


The mistake was ignoring the needs of the Proletariat, which in turn led to dissent and desintegration. Nordic Socialism turned into unchecked Fascism and the Government itself became the enemy of the people, which is why then the people did not obey, because they knew that they did not want to be oppressed. The Government should have been more open to the needs of the people instead of forcing warfare to gain more capital. We are lucky that we did not experience a full blown civil war like we saw in Nordheim. The Red Army was nearly formed back then, and even to us that is too much.


We did not fight hard enough. People like Tanzband and other defeatists caused inner dissent in Nordland, and made people shy from fighting like we should have. Eventually we would have been able to fight to a better resolution. Our mistake was not removing those who disagreed with our policies, those who did not believe in the Leadership. When we rule the country, we will make sure to keep everything in line, so that war or no war, there will be no chances for petty infighting to distract us from our goals.


The error was becoming involved with other nations, if Nordland had become completely isolated once that it formed, it would have fared better. Non-Nordlandic nations should not have been added to Nordland either, as this was a problem. Martens himself anticipated this, but others did not listen.



As much as I dislike democracy I have to say that they are correct in saying that Nordic Socialism was spawned from Martencism and Fascism as a chimeric, monster child that shouldn't have ever existed. I do not wish to ban Nordic Socialist expressions because as the old Kaiser said, banning something makes it stronger, and if Tambarskjelve had not banned Nordic Socialism, it wouldn't be again on the polls today, making it controversial gave it unwanted propaganda, and now the irredentist fanatics want another shot at a fake Nordland again. I say fake Nordland because I believe in the true Nordland, as originally envisioned. Even before its creation, it already existed in a way, for we have spoken Nordlandic for a long time. We cannot call ourselves Germany because simply put, our Folk is not completely German anymore. We're South Germans, North Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians, Frisians, Frankish, Prussians and all other varieties mixed. The only reason why we were reformed as Germany is because thanks to Nordic Socialism, people have learned to hate our people. Why must we pretend to be something we're not? It certainly isn't the first time in history that a dictator screws up. Especially in Europe. The whole thing was a massive mistake, going to war so much over the wrong things...Slavorussia was not meant to be completely occupied, we were only ment to get Caucasian Oil and the Baltic, which had been a German territory for the longest time. But greed got the best of the leadership. It was greed, that is why many Slavic nations were added to Nordland in spite of being non-Nordlandic, for economic gain and for power. The Leadership got drunk, inebriated with power and wanted more, until finally they drowned on their own strength and died out. Martencist ideals and Folkishness were forgotten, this was because Kaiser Martens did not want to remove Visari from power at first because of fear of civil war and then because when he realized the Monster that he was, it was already too late and third parties would take advantage. He should have never ceased to be involved with our country, without him, Martencism was destroyed, and since it was the fundational pillar of our country, the country was destroyed as well in a wave of warmongering. You can't have a tree without its roots. We will make the right choices in the poll in order to protect our people from the Democratic Fundamentalists as well of the "Nordics" as they mistakenly call themselves. Lets write another chapter on the &#33;@#&#036;%*.


The main problem was lack of unity as the Nordic Socialists say, however, Nordic Socialism in itself is what caused this lack of unity with its policies of constant expansionism which gained the land only enemies. In the end, most systems will work well if lead by reasonable people - but Nordland did not have reasonable leaders. Nordland should have kept small and efficient, not the overweight monstrosity that it became, then it could work well. The culmination of the whole chaos was the usage of nukes against civilian targets.


Some say that Nordland shouldn't have happened at all, others say that Nordic Socialism shouldn't have happened instead.

Edited by Kaiser Martens
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