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Colonial Independence Association

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I am here to announce that the Colonial Independence Association has under gone a government change over. I am proud have been a member of the CIA under the leadership of Robony. But as every great leaders term must come to an end. A new leaders time to shine is here. And with a new President of the CIA comes a new Vice President and government. So with out further a do. I give you the new Government of the Colonial Independence Association.

President-----(me) Amos Malachi

Vice President------Warkitten





With a new year apon us I hope and wish success for everyone on planet bob.

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Congrats Amos, your ascension to President has been a long time coming. There is no one else I would rather see in your spot and I look forward to continuing our alliances' great relationship. Also good job to Warkitten who has been serving in the Defense ministry for as long as my memory tells me, I'm sure you will do fantastic in your new roll. I also see that AceAtlantism has moved to MoFA, which is also pretty kickass. I can't forget Goddess, <3 Goddess. And to the two new government members Jarvis and Pulpficfan, you two both have large shoes to fill, but I'm sure you will do fine.

On an interesting note, besides GoddessofLinn, everyone hold new government spots. Here is to interesting and hopefully prosperous times.

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