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The Defectors are meeting inside

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The Defectors Meeting

Welcome to secret meeting of The Defectors. I are Kim Dong-Bo, leader of group of which is name The Defectors. We have are escape from oppresive, totalitarian regime of Kim Jong-Il, and we are here to tell what life is like among Nutty North Koreans. The belowed is part of report are writed by Government official Park Hwang-Bo and Nigel Burnsley, and it detail details of North Korea life.



North Koreans know how to rock out with the rest of you hipsters. The band above is called "Crazy Beats for the Pro Hipster, Kim Jong-Il, son". Their top songs include:

Smells Like Kim Jong-Il

Drop It Like It's Kim Jong-Il

Like North Korean Soldiers

North Korea Love

Ice Ice Kim Jong-Il

Hard Knock Life (North Korea Anthem)



Our school uniforms are very important. We did much research in many informative documentaries, such as Sailor Moon, to decide their design.

Furthermore, we have the most advanced technology. The students here are writing a report on whether Kim Jong-Il is as strong as Superman and Spiderman combined, or Flash and the Green Lanturn combined. But that student in the back was playing "Pop Pamela's Boobs" on Armor Games, and had his screen covered with wrapping paper. We don't tolerate misbehaviour in North Korea.



North Korea boasts many victories in international sports.

We have won the FIFA World Cup 267 years in a row, and we have won all the Gold medals in the Olympic games since it was first started in North Korea.

The woman above, Kim Nam-Chow, is fighting to get the ball from the visibly weaker and more stupid Frenchwoman on the left. This is because if she loses the game, she'll get her balls cut off. We call this motivational strategy, the "Win the game or you'll get your balls cut off" strategy.

International Services:

We have massive hotel chains across North Korea for the sole purpose of catering to the Capitalist pigs that stagnate in our glorious capital city, Pyongba- Pongyon- whatever it is.

The Capitalist pigs order the strangest foods: Stone Crab, CherryStone Clam, Rock Cornish Hen, Sand Shark, Sandwich, Chicken Nugget, Marble Cake, Stone Ground Bread, Fruity Peddles, and even Rock Candy. So we served them their food, and they called us stupid. Well, sorry, but you're the ones ordering rocks.

So we see that some writed part of document are lies. For starter, North Korea student can't access Armor Games in school. Secondly, North Korea restaurants do not offer Marble Cake. And lastly, we research this and discover that womens don't has balls.

North Korea is trying to lie to you about how they are lives. The only part that are completely true is what we did not specify as lie above.

Park Hwang-Bo and 15 soldiers barge into the meeting

"Arrest these people who are of speaking against North Korea!" says Hwang-Bo

You and your fellow meeting people scramble

Park yells "Open fire on these people such that they die from the bullet wounds which we will be inflicting on them with our gun fire!"

You run up to a North Korean soldier and do some crazy Jackie Chan s***

"S-shoot him!" Hwang-Bo yells

You get shot 37 times in the torso, 12 times in the legs, 5 times in the arms, and 246 times in the head

Join Nutty North Koreans today.

If you don't, we'll assassinate your leader, Justin Bieber.

Forums: http://adet.forumotion.co.uk

AA: Nutty North Koreans

Treaties: MDoAP with TOS, OADP with AI

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