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Rise of the Zombies

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Zombies aren't known for long speeches; this one will be no exception. We formed around five weeks ago. Two weeks after that, we were called by our friends in RLMMO to give them a helping hand against the GOONS in what would be our first war. We did some damage and got peace as a few guys from RLMMO became infected with the zombie virus.

We thought we could resume doing what needed to be done but fate would have it another way: it was NEW's turn (along with three other alliances, actually) to raid us and we decided we wouldn't back down. A handful of nukes were exchanged and it looked like the conflict would grow but a peace agreement was found at the last minute. As some war-hungry nations joined us, we peaked at eighteen members.

We now have fifteen nations, all of them dedicated to the cause. We still have a long road ahead of us but we're proud of what we've achieved so far and we believe it is time for us to properly announce our existence to the World, among other things.

Without further ado, our Charter:

The Defense Plan

We, the assembled Undead, gather here today under this banner to protect and promote our great Zombie cultures. For too long, the barbaric mankind has hunted and slaughtered our sort-of people relentlessly and without compromise. Our diplomatic overtures have been repeatedly snubbed with axes, shotguns and chainsaws. There is a limit to how many bludgeons and decapitations we will tolerate, and that line has been crossed today. No more.

Today brings the formation of a new law. A law that will unite Zombie Nations far and wide under a single banner. This alliance shall bring protection and prosperity, free of human savagery, to all nations cleansed by the great zombie virus.

Among the Dead

1. Zombie Initiate

All nations who have shown their commitment to acquiring knowledge, through the pursuit and ingestion of those who contain it, are welcome to join us on this venture. To seek entrance to the Defense Plan, one must do the following:

  • Make your desire to join the Zombie Defense Plan known to the Defense Plan.
  • Complete an interview.
  • Complete any further tasks set by the Grim Reaper.
  • Show dedication to the Zombie cause for a period of one (1) month.

2. La Danse Macabre

In death all are equal. La Danse Macabre are the dead that stand united in defense of each other under the Defense Plan. This is the body that help choose leadership and the body from which leadership is chosen. The principal duty of La Danse Macabre is the defense of their fellow Zombies.

The following powers are granted to La Danse Macabre:

  • Each member holds one (1) vote in the elections for the Zombie Lord.
  • Each member holds one (1) vote for each Cabal position up for a vote.
  • Each member holds one (1) vote in the confirmation votes for all positions that require confirmation.
  • Each member may bring a motion to the Cabal concerning matters of policy as long as the motion is supported by 5 seconds or 5% of the membership, whichever is larger.

3. Zombie Lord

This was once called "President", but due to mankind's sensitivity to words like "BRRRAAAAIIIINNSSS" it was decided that a more appropriate title be used, in order to prevent their invariably violent reactions. Fortunately, mankind is easily out-witted, so all we had to do is rename the position and get him to wear something resembling a suit.

The Zombie Lord is the elected leader of the Zombie Defense Plan. Moving policies through those appointed by him and ensuring the day to day activities are running smoothly while representing the Zombie Defense Plan abroad.

Each term of the Zombie Lord will last for three (3) months. No Zombie Lord may run for more than two consecutive terms.

4. The Cabal

The Cabal are elected to make decisions on issues that are brought to them by the Zombie Lord. La Danse Macabre may also send motions to The Cabal that have acquired the necessary seconds.

While The Defense Plan numbers less than thirty-nine (39), the Zombie Lord will take over the responsibilities of The Cabal. Once the Undead number thirty-nine (39) or more, one (1) Cabal will be elected by La Danse Macabre for every thirteen (13) members of the Defense Plan, until the maximum capacity of thirteen (13) is reached.

Every member of the Cabal may cast one (1) vote on issues brought to the Cabal.

Each term of The Cabal will last for three (3) months.

5. Boomer

A hero to all Zombie kind, Boomer once lead a horde of zombies against the tyranny of the living who sought our destruction. This position has honoured his name since Boomer transcended to being just plain dead, rather than undead. Upon appointment by the Zombie Lord, those given this title shall seek to continue Boomer's fine work of seeking out hostile forces - be they human, nation or even alliance - and throwing up on them in order to guide our attack.

Leader of our military, the Boomer’s task will be to organize the military of the Defense Plan internally and work with foreign powers in organizing wars that we are involved with.

6. Brain Farmer

As is common knowledge, the staple of every good Zombie's diet is brains. A considerable amount is needed to raise zombies out of their state of ignorance, and properly farming brains is the task of the appointed Brain Farmer.

Importation of brains will be the Brain Farmer’s main task, along with finding the proper resources to grow our population faster and managing aid to smaller zombie nations in times of peace and war.

7. Vitaphiliac

The Vitaphiliac is appointed to represent the Zombie Defense Plan beyond its walls.

His main tasks will be to organize embassies within the Zombie Defense Plan, coordinate the Philiacs' work, gather intelligence and keep La Danse Macabre well informed of what is taking place on Digiterrra.

8. Grim Reaper

The guidance and recruitment of the Undead forces are the main goals of the Grim Reaper. Working closely with the Brain Farmer, the Grim Reaper also has to help newer members and inexperienced leaders manage their nations proficiently.

How the Undead work


Zombie Initiates, to be admitted in the Defense Plan, need a passing (simple majority) vote from the Cabal. Any member of the Cabal can choose to veto the application of a Zombie Initiate.


Every three (3) months, on the 13th, elections will be held for the Cabal and the office of the Zombie Lord.

They will last ten (10) days divided as follow: three (3) days for nominations, four (4) days for debate and three (3) days for voting. The Brain Farmer will oversee the process.

Candidates are free to nominate themselves.


Individual declarations of war against unaligned nations require the approval of the Zombie Lord.

Alliance wide declarations of war, or declarations of war against nations in an alliance need a simple majority vote of the Cabal.


All positions appointed by the Zombie Lord must be confirmed by a simple majority vote of La Danse Macabre. This includes the positions of Boomer, Brain Farmer, Vitaphiliac, and Grim Reaper.


Any Zombie can propose an amendment to the Charter. For such a motion to go through, it must be approved by a supermajority (66%) vote of La Danse Macabre.

Signed on the forty-second day of the Zombie Awakening,

Khyber, Zombie Lord

Yevgeni, Vitaphiliac

Brother Kane, Brain Farmer

jaymay15, Boomer

Cozmo, Grim Reaper

We also would like to make it known that we will be moving on the Yellow Sphere, as we think it is a more than suitable home for Zombies. We are currently establishing economic and diplomatic relations with various nations and alliances from there.

Our temporary headquarters can be found there, should anyone want to visit us.*

Finally, we would also like to thank the IAA for their support and friendship.

That's all for now,


-IRC chan: #Zombie, on Coldfront

-Thanks to Blue Lightning for his help with our Charter.

*: As our forums are only temporary and should soon be replaced, we won't open embassies, sorry to disappoint.

Edited by Yevgeni Luchenkov
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intresting read,

the necromancers, which were hiding themself under my children, tried to rise once, however i made sure that they will never rise again.

aside of that, i like zombies, they make good transporters for my legions, humans tend to cry when some Ants are sitting on them, zombies tend to ignore us :)

good luck to you all

and may you allways find enough human brains

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