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State of the Eldar #6

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Well 2009 was good to Legions of the Eldar but 2010 has not been so good. In fact in the short time we have been in 2010 we have been very dissatisfied with the state of things. In fact we just outright don't like this AA at all anymore and therefore are disbanding Legions of the Eldar effective of this post. We'd like thank Vanguard, Rubber Ducky Division, Aurora Borealis for their support in working with Legions of the Eldar.

On another note I'd like the announce the formation of the Alliance Eldar who coincidentally has the same charter, government, flag, and allies as Legions of the Eldar and who will be protecting the AA Legions of the Eldar for the next 25 days.

On another note some of you may be pleased, if not out right ecstatic, that we are in the process of warring Emperor Jason formerly government of the now defunct Legions of the Eldar. In addition to general whining and complaining, which we normally tolerate, he has behaved in a manner not becoming of a government member towards other alliances. In return he is being hit for 1 weeks worth of war which may continue longer if depending on his behavior. If you wish to recruit him during this time period we will consider this a hostile act against Eldar (standard stuff just making it known) but feel free to take him after his wars are done (with a disclaimer notice that he will probably tick someone off and maybe get your rolled).

Other than that in the past month Eldar is just ticked that there was no war along with the vast majority of you and just sat around doing nothing about it just like the rest of you.


We're changing our Alliance Affiliation from Legions of the Eldar to Eldar. We're hitting Emperor Jason for being a tool. Oh yeah we've survived 6 months too.

Anyway that is all.


The Corrupt Teacher, King of Eldar

Ddog241, Prince of Eldar

Neforatu, Lord of War

Krausberg, Lord of Foreign Affairs

Valhallan, Lord of Internal Affairs


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If I wasn't your friend, I would probably be raiding you right now. As well, I would cause you trouble about your treaties not being in effect anymore due to you announcing the disbandment and all. And yes, I did read the thread...it's not my fault you took that route.

I'm ahead of you thar we notified allies n' stuff. Also you can't raid me Ronin charter and all. Not to mention nation size. lol :awesome:

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