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RSSN Announcement

Mergerberger II

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Announcement from the Revolutionary Socialist Syndicate of the Netherlands

The Eurasian Union

Upon consideration of the recent policies and disagreements between the RSSN and its allies in the Eurasian Union,

Upon consideration of the recent disregard for Dutch foreign policy as well as that of its allies,

Upon consideration of the recent revealing of a general sentiment of noobiness amongst the major blocs in Europe,

Upon consideration of the current political climate in Europe and the world,

The Revolutionary Socialist Syndicate of the Netherlands hereby terminates its membership in the Eurasian Union.


The RSSN does hereby officially condemn the policies of the previous administration, and does officially apologize to all those whom we have wronged.

We condemn the Lübeckian war and officially apologize to Lübeck for the transgressions of the previous administration.

We also condemn the previous administration for joining the war-like Eurasian Union and condemn the EU's actions in Germany and France.

The RSSN would also like to assure the world of its commitment to peace. We are no longer war-mongers, instead we search for peace in a dark, lost world.

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"Australia wishes the Netherlands well, your promise of peace is one I look forward to seeing a continuation of in the future. In addition, if there was ever the time where the Australian and the Dutch people were not able to see eye to eye or that a strong disagreement on an issue arose, we offer our apologies. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new relationship with two people from across the great land and sea."

-HRH Hannah Asgeirsson

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"Huh, this is surprising. But we wish RSSN well on its future endeavors."

- State Department

"FINALLY! Someone has seen the light! \o/"

- Random teenage blogger

"This shows that the failEU is nothing more but fail. Lolz."

- Another random teenage blogger

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