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tradeset change advice


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I'm contemplating whether I should change my tradesets. Currently, it's a standard 7BR. I'm thinking about changing to a custom set, giving microchips, scholars, and beers. Tradeset C is my current trades, Actual is the one I'm planning to switch to.


The focus is to increase military performance, via increased citizens (more troops and tanks), along with maxed possible efficiency through trades. While the increased citizen will also mean more taxes.. hopefully.

Via the calculator.. I've calculated that the loss of iron and asphalt will translate into a roughly 540k infra bill increase. However, I'm sure the increased pop and happiness will cover that. No rad cleanup will mean I'll get roughly +2 environment at the current GRL.. translating into around 3% pop decrease. Currently, along with the missing improvements, a +1 happiness is around 97k daily tax increase, +1 income translate into around 50k increase.. this number will probably increase with the new citizens after the change.

anyhow, what do you think about this change? will it be worth it? good? bad? inputs?

thanks everyone :)


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Gold+oil is a really bad resource pair for 3br.

I agree. Most of your TC set fit the 3BR better. The 3BR is really the best TC around right now. It offers high Growth, low Bills, and good Military Coverage. It's a good across-the-board type TC.


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