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CN Awards 2009 - Presentation


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Ok, first of all I typed up the entire announcement thread only to have Firefox crash and lost the entire thread that I was about to submit. So, I basically had to redo this entire thing. A marine friend of mine was in town due to getting some time off and gave me a call so I hung out with him instead of retyping this immediately afterwards. The combination of those, plus me being busy today with other random work in RL and CN all made be push posting this back to late today when I really wanted to post it last night. So yeah, apologies to everyone who I promised I’d have this posted by midnight last night. I also don’t have much time now either, so commentary is short.

Anyway, I appealed to the CN community to see if anyone could do the graphics for the awards since I have no graphical talent whatsoever. SeipherCaim of Valhalla responded and made all of the graphics you see below. And I must say they are quite nice. Thanks a lot Seipher!

If for some reason the graphics stop displaying (due to bandwidth issues), the gallery can be seen here: http://img39.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=allianceoftheyear.png

Alliance Awards

Friendliest Alliance


The Friendliest Alliance award for 2009 goes to the Orange Defense Network. I haven’t had much personal interaction with you, except that you’re trying to flood Siberia and annex the STA, but you guys seem pretty nice and the community as a whole (or MK) thinks you’re nice people. Congratulations ODN!

Most Hostile Alliance


The Most Hostile Alliance award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Not sure entirely what they’ve done hostile as of late, but yeah. Congrats!

Best Diplomatic Team


The Best Diplomatic Team award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Wait… what? Hmm, apparently MK has mastered the art of hostile diplomacy: bully people around into eventually liking you. Or something.

Best Economic System


The Best Economic System award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Hostile Diplomacy doesn’t come cheap; gotta have stuff to back up your diplomatic/bullying overtures and nukes aren’t free.

Best Military


The Best Military award for 2009 also goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. When Hostile Diplomacy doesn’t work (sometimes people don’t like you after you’re hostile towards them) or when !@#$ hits the fan, time to call in the godliest military force in CN. And you have to spend all that cash on something anyway, might as well be on glow sticks.

Best Recruiting Staff


The Best Recruiting Staff award for 2009 goes to United Purple Nations. Their recruitment as of recent has been ridiculous. If I remember correctly, they grew by 100+ nations in about a month. Yeah, well deserved award indeed. Congrats UPN!

Best Propaganda Staff


The Best Propaganda Staff award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Why you need propaganda when you have the best military or the best diplomatic staff is beyond me. Regardless, MK propaganda is legendary and well respected as evidenced by people complaining of the lack of it during the recent staring contest “war”. Congrats guys!

Scariest Alliance


The Scariest Alliance award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Some might say that MK’s high NS, political clout, and large glowie stockpile make them a terrifying sight to their enemies. I’m calling bs on this; MK has MagicalTrevor. What, are you going to high school musical me to death?

Best Alliance Growth


The Best Alliance Growth award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. They’ve grown immensely in the past year and have become only the third alliance ever I believe to make it into the top 12 without a sanction. Congrats on your growth guys!

Best Rookie Alliance


The Best Rookie Alliance award for 2009 goes to The Corporation. Competent Leadership + excellent DoE = yes. Seriously now, how many DoEs do you see with 3 MDoAPs with well established alliances? Congrats guys, I look forward to seeing how you guys do from here on out.

Most Active Alliance


The Most Active Alliance award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Hostile diplomacy, economic prowess, and status as the godliest military empire don’t just happen themselves you know. The incredibly active MK membership is what makes all of that possible. Also doesn’t hurt to win CN awards either.

As an anecdotal piece of evidence, MK got 70% of their alliance on IRC near updates during the TPF thing. Congrats MK!

Most Honorable Alliance


The Most Honorable Alliance award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Yes, the most hostile alliance is also the one with the best diplomatic team and the most honorable. Their hostility is evidentially done in a very honorable manner, idk.

Best Alliance Flag


The Best Alliance Flag award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom (link). This flag is awesome enough that admin himself was moved to add MK’s flag to the game recently (custom flag #65). Guess the sanction doesn’t matter anymore then, heh.

Best War Flag


The Best War Flag award of 2009 goes to The Phoenix Federation (link). I don’t always see eye-to-eye with the TPF, but I think they deserve this one. The Flag itself is nice, but more so than that it’s what the flag represents: TPF’s commitment, no matter what others may think, to defend their allies. Again, don’t always agree with you TPF but I truly congratulate you on this. Wear your flag with pride.

Best Forum


The Best Forum award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Congrats!

Most Powerful Alliance


The Most Powerful Alliance award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. In addition to being really powerful militarily, MK yields a considerable amount of diplomatic clout. The combination of these two make MK a potent force indeed. Congrats!

Most Entertaining IRC Channel


The Most Entertaining IRC Channel award for 2009 goes to #mushroom, public channel of the Mushroom Kingdom. For those that don’t know, #mushroom recently beat #nsa as the largest channel on coldfront. For some strange reason though, Jyrinx doesn’t have hops in #mushroom. Not sure why since I’m awesome. I can only assume this was a clerical error and will be rectified soon.

A sample of #mushroom for those not aware:

[18:43] <&lebubu> or maybe my right hand is just broken

[18:43] <Vilien> That might explain why it's taken you upwards of five months to make a signature

[18:44] <&lebubu> after 10 years of violent masturbation my fingers developed a mind of their own

[19:03] <@Unsure> BUTTPLUGS

[19:03] <@Unsure> BUTTPLUGS

[19:03] <@Unsure> BUTTPLUGS

Enter at your own risk.

Alliance of the Year


The Alliance of the Year award for 2009 goes to the Mushroom Kingdom. Nuff said.

Alliance most likely to succeed in 2010


The Alliance most likely to succeed in 2010 award goes to the Federation of Armed Nations. Seriously, these guys have balls and then some. Not only did they survive nearly 2 years of continuous total war with their community intact, they’ve grown and thrived in this post-Karma world. Their nuke count specifically is terrifying. And they’ve got a competent, no-!@#$%^&* leader in mpol. Congrats guys and mad props to you.

Player Awards

Most Powerful Player


The Most Powerful Player award for 2009 goes to Archon. The Voice of Karma, leader of the godliest military in CN can back up his words with NS, nukes, and political clout and the Cyberverse apparently agrees. Congrats Archon!

Best Alliance Leader


The Best Alliance Leader award for 2009 also goes to Archon. Considering how well MK is doing for itself, I think this is pretty well deserved. Congrats!

Nicest Player


The Nicest Player award for 2009 goes to SkyGreenChick. Congrats SGC! Now, you’re obligated to say something nice in this thread.

Most Controversial Player


The Most Controversial Player award for 2009 goes to Electron Sponge who seems to not be here. Being leader of Vox for a good while of 2009 is probably in and of itself controversial, but Sponge also often posted leaked information or logs onto the tattler for the public to see. Sponge later deleted due to inactivity, causing his alliance (the Liquor Cabinet) to basically collapse into chaos. Congrats (I think) Sponge!

Most Active Player


The Most Active Player award for 2009 goes to Drai. Congrats Drai!

Funniest Player


The Funniest Player award for 2009 goes to Bros. I can’t help but think that Stumpy/ Schattenmann/mpol ended up dividing enough of the vote so that Bros could win. That’s right Bros, I’m downplaying your victory. Congrats regardless.

Player of the Year


Player of the year goes to the Voice of Karma, King of the Mushroom Kingdom Archon. Congrats (again) Archon!

Player most likely to achieve greatness in 2010


Finally, the Player most likely to achieve greatness in 2010 award goes to Quiziotle. Based on his nation name (Hannah Montana 2) I’m going to have to disagree and say that Quiziotle is destined for failure.

Forum, Game, and Miscellaneous Awards:

Most Powerful Alliance Bloc: Complaints and Grievances Union

Best OWF Topic: Archon's Initial Karma Topic

Best Declaration of War: FAN Announcement, Daddy's home and he's drunk again

Best Treaty Announcement: NpO-MK Treaty

Best Wall of Text: Archon's Initial Karma Topic

Best Player Avatar: LJ Scott

Best Player Signature: Sethly’s Sparta pushing NPO NS off a cliff (Karma War)

Best Player Quote: Tequila Mockingbird for the following

GGA Member: Today I brought a WRC because I was sick of everyone making fun of us, when government found out I was expelled from the alliance for not buying a Federal Aid Commission instead. FML.

Best CN Meme: “not accept” - boy

Funniest Event: Mass cancellation on NPO/ Entrance of Continuum Alliances during the Karma War

Best OWF/AP Forum Poster: Archon

Best OOC Forum Area Poster: Tygaland

Biggest Controversy: Mass cancellation on NPO/ Entrance of Continuum Alliances during the Karma War

Best Water Cooler Topic: IRC: Why?

Best Game Change: Increase of inactivity limit to 25 days

That concludes the 2009 CN awards. I would like to close with a piece of advice to whoever runs the 2010 CN Awards: Ban MK.

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Because of the voter fraud that took place in these polls, I take this to mean that the exact opposite is true about the MK, for all the above awards won. That's right MK, you're the most friendly alliance out there. Suck it.

Also, I'm disappointed that you guys think anyone has a better war flag that Carpe Diem.

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