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SSX Treaty Announcement


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The Treaty We Forgot To Announce

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. It brings me great pleasure to finally announce the Exiles' first formal ties to what may in fact be the greatest alliance on Planet Bob, the Imperial Assault Alliance. This treaty was in fact signed and agreed upon a while back, but we just realized that we still have not formally announced it. So without further ado, the rather inglorious text of this most glorious bond of friendship:

With this treaty, the Imperial Assault Alliance (IAA) and the Shattered Star Exiles (SSX) have taken an important step by announcing their friendship to the world at large.

I. The IAA and SSX agree that under no circumstances will they engage in warfare against the other signatory, be it declared war, aiding the enemy of the other, or conducting spy attacks.

II. If either signatory receives intelligence that pertains to the security or well-being of the other alliance, they are obligated to share it.

III. Any reasonable request for assistance, be it guides, access to tech deals or trades must be fulfilled to the best of the other alliance’s ability.

IV. Any request for access to financial resources must be considered, but the alliance the resources are requested from have the ability to decline the request if fulfilling it would be detrimental to the alliance’s well-being.

V. If this document ever outlives the friendship of IAA and SSX, it may be canceled, but this requires a notification followed by a 72 hour probate period after which, this treaty is null and void.

Signed for the Imperial Assault Alliance,

His Majesty, the Emperor: Chimaera

Grand Vizier: Stagger Lee

Imperial Regent: Voodoo Nova

Grand Admiral: Flyingscotsman

Grand Moff: Brandon Simonson

Imperial Exchequer: Thierra

Signed for the Shattered Star Exiles,





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