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DOOM is looking for quality members, NS or age doesn't matter. We have 20 members.

We have a nation auditing program, trade circle building, tech dealing, and a large information library that has everything needed to succeed in CN. Academy is not required but we do recommend that new members to open a thread where they routinely post statistic information about their nation (such as what trades do you have) so we can give correct and specific advices to improve their nation's growth. Although we don't give out startup aids, we do give money to smaller members indirectly by tech dealing since we are made up of mostly tech buyers. We are Molon Labe's protectorate, which protects us from external threats.

We are not a ragtag group, nor are we war addicts who constantly get into wars or pacifists that raise the white flag when trouble comes. We have survived the crazy politics and many global wars for nearly three years. Our priority is growth and security. Don't believe me? Take a look at DOOM's members: http://www.cybernations.net/allNations_dis...p?Alliance=DOOM

Brief membership requirements: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=74577

Information about DOOM and membership rules: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/DOOM

Link to DOOM's forum: http://www.castledoom.com/CN/index.php

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Hello There

My name is Master Chief (crv24) and i would like to see you among the members of our alliance, The Dark Templar, We are an alliance that does not take the game seriously all of our members are here to merely have fun and enjoy the game. Our forums are fairly active and our IRC is pretty pimpin' as well. Our alliance most consists of strong nations who know how to play the game, so If you would like to check us out or have any questions feel free to ask me anything and i will be happy to answer all of them.



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