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Syntymäpäivätiedotus (Birthday Announcement) itt


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Yello, Bob.

It's kind of amazing and boggles my mind how fast the time runs on this dear planet of ours when compared to the flow of time in the parallel universe we all are surely familiar with; FCO has now been in existence for three years and approximately two days. When I and couple of other folks founded this thing back in the day, not a single one of us had a slightest idea about where it'd go. We were pretty confident this was about to become a random gaming club which would be active for some couple of months and we would go like "meh" and go do something interesting. Oh, how wrong were we, as after three years we're still here with most of the core founders still active in the community, which is, to be honest, one of the most bizarre ones I've ever stumbled upon during my adventures around Bob.

I guess that sums it pretty much up, I was thinking about making this little shoutout thingy right here with thanks to some folks who've been great to us during our three years but it'd seriously be way too long. So yeah, thanks and big wet kisses to all of you, you know who you are.

Grog all around!

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