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I was looking through wikipedia, trying to find all the flags that weren't in the game, and I was suprised, because I found over 40 missing. Granted, 9 were British territories, the others were different and interesting. The most notably missing were Greenland, Afghanistan, Algeria, Guam, and Puerto Rico. I just want to know why these 40 some flags were ommited.

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I noticed that there is an option for custom flags. However I want to know if it is possible to upload a user created flag?

At one point in the game, you used to be able to upload your own, custom flag. However, because so many people abused the system, it was removed, to never be re-introduced. It says "Custom" because all those flags are the flags of current or former sanctioned alliances.

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This is a quote from Rysonia from the other thread asking this question.

The Game Mods and Game Admins are all busy keeping the game fair, on top of that Admin keeps granting us new features and debugging the game. This was discussed back in 2006 when flags were uploadable and everyone understood and agreed with the decision. We had a choice flags uploaded or the features we wanted and the game debugged.

And nothing personal, but Admin is very picky who he lets help with the game and forums. Experience has shown what happens if he doesn't take the time he feels is necessisary to ask someone if they are willing to help.

Part of it is server space, but the majority of it is concentrating on features of the game. I for one do not for one moment regret Admin's decision.

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y not just ban the abusers than relinquish the privilege for all?

As is the case with any online game, even moreso when it's a game maintained in someone's spare time and not as part of a large corporation, the actions of the few dictate the privileges of the many.

It's the same case when people were posting offensive images on the forums, and we all lost the ability to use tags. I've seen it many times, and while it's unfortunate, it's the only responsible way for the game staff to handle these types of things. It's the easiest and most efficient solution to a problem. Other solutions bring more work and stress to the already busy game staff.

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