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Vauleyo-Buryatia Military Project Genesis

Imperator Azenquor

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***Private/Classified Government Directive***

To: Army High Command

CC: Buryatia East Asia Corp – Weaponry Department

Re: Project Genesis


Gentlemen, it is with the approval of the Office of the Sovereign that we may begin Project Genesis, what will possibly be the largest overhaul of Vauleyo-Buryatia’s Armed Forces in history. This monumental project will begin immediately and will be coordinated directly by Lady Vache (Military Intelligence) and the Specials Unit. There will be no further government communiqués regarding this project.

Funding has been allocated by the Ministry of Finance to fund each stage of the project. You have been authorized to tap into B$ 200 billion of the National Reserve Fund, B$105 billion of the Military Allocation and B$10 billion of the Other expense fund. The B$105 billion allocation from the Military portion of the budget is automatically renewed each budgetary cycle.

Total Funds:

(Year 1): B$315 billion

(Year 2): B$115 billion

(Year 3): B$200 billion

Total Expenditure on Project Genesis: B$630 Billion



Miroslav Anyatevich, President

***Project Genesis Information***

Part 1: Aries

Aim: To create a 2nd generation indigenous fighter-bomber based on the MiG 35 concept. To supplement the creation of the indigenous fighter-bomber with the creation of a new long range air-to-air missile.

Part 2: Virgo

Aim: To create a 2nd generation, satellite guided, MIRVd, InterContinental Ballistic Missile system to augment existing missile systems.

Part 3: Taurus

Aim: To create a 2nd generation, indigenous main battle tank from the existing T-90V concept. To create a 2nd generation, indigenous medium to long range Multiple Rocket Launcher System.

Part 4: Capricorn

Aim: To create a new class of nuclear powered submarines, and a new class of surface vessels to replace existing Naval vessels.

Part 5: Leo

Aim: To overhaul and standardize all infantry equipment to new standards

Part 6: Aquarius

Aim: To create a new generation of anti-ship missile systems for both air launched, ship launched and land based versions

Part 7: Libra

Aim: The deployment of a new generation of RADAR systems across the country

Part 8: Sagittarius

Aim: Deployment of additional SOSUS systems and other forms of naval vessel detection systems

Part 9: Gemini

Aim: Overhaul and update of the existing fail-deadly nuclear systems

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Part 1: Aries

Vauleyo-Buryatia's foremost scientists and engineers begin the long and complicated process of designing the new aircraft. They seek to incorporate the best aspects of the existing MiG 35 aircraft and the F-22 aircraft. The project is given the Code name: MiG 40Z (Zhukov).

The Buryatian East Asia Company, invests a sum of B$ 140 million into the project alongside government expenditure. Although not related directly to the research project, the Buryatian East Asia Company begins the construction of 5 An-124 aircraft and 2 An-225 aircraft.

Part 2: Virgo

The Vauleyo-Buratyan Rocketry Corps begins detailed research into a new long range ICBM. All known ICBM designs are examined to extract useful design techniques for use in the new system. Schematics for Vauleyo-Buryatia's existing ICBMs are handed over to the scientific team for further study.

The Buryatian East Asia Company invests a sum of B$500 million into the project.

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