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We, the alliance Echo, hereby declare our existence on Planet Steve. We have recently passed the 10 members mark and are growing nicely :) We will be inhabiting the Orange Sphere.

Our charter:

Section 1: Conduct

All members shall respect each other, and all other players, both on the Echo forums, and the OWF.

No profanity, offensive language, or radical statements shall be tolerated. Failure to comply shall result in warning, suspension, and possible banning from the alliance.

Section 2: War

All members must check the war board for targets. Members shall not attack any unapproved targets. Tech raiding is permitted, however, nations must request for their target to be cleared for attack. If a member is attacked by another nations, regardless of their AA, the attacking nation shall have their was slots filled with Echo members, and then attacked. In the event of an alliance war, members shall not attack the other alliance, until further information is given. Failure to comply shall result in war suspension or banning.

Section 3: Trades

All members MUST be in a trade circle after they are accepted into Echo. Trades are vital to the development of a strong nation, and in turn, a strong alliance. In the event that you must cancel a trade, you must give your partners and the Minister of Internal Services two day's notice.

Section 4: Jobs

All jobs must be filled. Jobs will be given at random based on your member ID. You must do these jobs to the best extent that you can. If you are completely incapable of doing so, contact the Emperor or the Minister of Internal Services.

Section 5: Government

Echo has one Emperor, and three Ministers. Emperor shall be voted at the last week of every other round. Ministers shall be voted in at the last week of every round. The voting process will last exactly three days after the poll is posted. In the event that a Minister or Emperor shall resign, a poll will immediately be commenced. The Regent is a permanent position, until resignation. All major alliance decisions shall involve a government vote. The Emperor's vote counts as two, while the three ministers counts as one.

We would also like to announce that we are a protectorate of our new friends, RnR. We hope relations between our two alliances will continue to grow and improve and we are proud to have such great protectors.

Current Government:

Leader: Eyerack

Minister of War: Emporor

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Darth Pollard

Minister of Internal Services: n/a

Forums: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Echo_CN/index.php

IRC: #echo

~Darth Pollard

~Echo MoFA

Edit: Forums starts with an F

Edited by Darth Pollard
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