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Ragnarok is blingin', baby

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Consider this an invitation to our Gangster Nation

I. Watchin our hoods

In the event that either signatory should be attacked, the other one is obligated to come to the defense of the attacked signatory.

II. Joint Thuggin

Should either party get up in someone elses hood the other is invited to get in on the slinging should they be sober enough

III. Where da hood at

If either signatory has information pertaining to other Thugs planning on sling in our hood we be sharing that stuff

IV. My crib your crib

Both parties recognize that we have different kinks and as such promise not to judge.


If at some point in the future that one or both parties feel its time to end this agreement there will be a 72 hour grace period in which the treaty will still be in effect after an announcement is made of its cancellation.

Signed for \m/:

Comrade Goby, Dey See Me Rollin; Triumvir

Emperor Marx, Ballbuster Triumvir and Tech Raider Extraordinaire

Chief Savage Man, Triumvir

King Xander the Only, White Knight of \m/ and the True and Righteous Hero of Pink

Signed for Ragnarok:

Van Hoo III, Emperor of Ragnarok

AlfredvonTirpitz, Regent

Wombaticus, Vice-Regent

Jekalle, High Chancellor

Kinzer, Vice-Chancellor

Rampage3, Consul

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well good luck! There's always that risk of messing up old remade alliances.

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I don't really have anything more to say.

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