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Uhh.. I like it like that she working that back

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The All Along The Watch Tower Pact

Poison Clan - \m/ MDoAP

“There must be some kind of way out of here”

\m/ and Poison Clan

Article I: Sovereignty

“No reason to get excited

the thief he kindly spoke

there are many here among us

who feel that life is but a joke”

\m/ and Poison Clan dig that we have different ways of getting up on the tower; Poison Clan can take the stairs and \m/ can use the elevator.

Article II: Mutual Defense

“Outside in the cold distance

a wildcat did growl

two riders were approachin’

and the wind began to howl”

Should some rider try and get into one’s tower, know that the other will be keeping watch.

Article III: Intelligence

“All along the watchtower

princess kept the view

While all the women came and went

Barefoot servants too”

Poison Clan and \m/ agree to keep an eye on those servant women and share those nasty details.

Article IV: Optional Aggression

“Business they, they drink my wine

plowmen dig my earth

none of them on the line

nobody of its worth”

Should someone try and abscond with the earth, the other party reserves the right to get on it - as long as we ain’t to busy drinking wine with the business man.

Article V: Cancellation

“But You and I we’ve been through that

and this is not our fate

so let us not talk falsely now”

Should either of us find that our fates do not match we will give ya’ll 72 hours .

Article VI. Regarding Lesser Treaties

This treaty overrides all lesser treaties (those that do not mandate defense) of both parties in the event of a conflict.

Signed for Poison Clan;

Twisted, Master Killer

Don Fernando, The Komodo Dragon

Derwood1, The Dealthstalker Scorpion

CitizenKane, The Computer

Mishi, The Gila Monster

Mushi, The Jellyfish

Banslam, The Platypus

Signed for \m/;

Emperor Marx, Ballbuster Triumvir and Tech Raider Extraordinaire

Comrade Goby, \m/aster Tri\m/vir of the Rapism

d3filed, Deputy Director of the jobs nobody else wants to do

King Xander the Only, White Knight of \m/ and the True and Righteous Hero of Pink

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Good luck to you and all, but an \m/ without R is going to be something that I'll have a lot of trouble adjusting to.

I think while R might not be in charge, his presence will be felt if he continues to hang around IRC as he has the past couple months with Bel Air.

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