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A Vendetta DoE


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Yes, we founded a week ago, it fell through the first time and we are re-doe'ing ( :P ) so get over it.




We, being the members of Vendetta, agree to come together in a spirit of co-operation, friendship and togetherness to draft this Charter of our alliance.

Article I: Admission and Membership

One: Admission

A: Admission shall be granted to applying nations by a Verifier, who can be overruled by the Prime Minister

B: All potential members must take the Admission Test on Vendetta's forums in order to be admitted as well as pass an IRC interview. Once they have passed this they will become full members of Vendetta.

Two: Membership

A: Member nations are encouraged to join the Purple Sphere, to help promote economic growth. Members are however, not required to join the purple sphere.

B: Membership of other alliances is prohibited.

C: Members of Vengeful Vendetta agree to be bound by this Charter. Any member found in violation of the Charter may be subject to disciplinary action.

D: All Members are entitled to freedom of speech, within the boundaries set by the Charter.

E: All are members of the Senate and have the ability to vote in all elections. They have only one vote per vote.

Article II: The Vendetta Government

One: The Prime Minister

A: The Prime Minister serves as the Chief Executive of Vendetta. The Prime Minister controls all aspects of the alliance aside from anything specified within the Charter. Once the Prime Minister is selected, the Prime Minister will stay in power until he/she resigns or is removed.

B: The first Prime Minister will be elected every 3 months. He/she reserves the right to resign at any time and if the Prime Minister is resigning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs assumes the role of Prime Minister until a replacement is chosen by the General Membership.

C: In the event that the Prime Minister-elect does not wish to undertake the position, that person has the right to abdicate, in which case an election will take place. In the event that the Prime Minister is forcibly removed by a Vote of No Confidence, an election to determine their replacement will occur.

D: The Prime Minister will be elected every 3 months. In this vote, There will be a 72 hour nominating period followed by a 48 hour discussion which will be immediately followed by a 48 hour “preliminary round”. The top 2 candidates will move on to the final round which will be 72 hours.

Three: The Cabinet

A: The Cabinet consists of the Minister of the Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense and the Minister of Economics. The Cabinet Members control their Ministries under the guidance of the Prime Minister. The four Cabinet Members have equal power. At the time of this Charter's effect, the current Speaker, MoI, MoFA, MoD and MoE will retain their positions.

B: The Cabinet faces elections every 3 months, and goes through the same voting process as the Prime Minister.

C: The Cabinet has the power to overturn an Executive Order by at least a 3/4 vote. The vote must be set up no longer than 24 hours after the decision is made.

One: Membership

A: The Senate is composed of all Vendetta Members who are not on trial.

Two: Duties

A: The Senate votes on any issue that is of vital importance to Vendetta including but not limited to:

- War

- Treaties

- Changes to the Charter

- Elections

B: All votes must pass by a 50% +1 majority, in the case of Charter changes, they must be approved by a 60% “Super Majority”.

C: Each Senate Member gets ONE vote per issue.

Three: Suspension of Voting Rights

A: If a member of the Senate is on trial or is currently banned, his voting rights are suspended.

Article III: The Council

One: Membership

A: The Council is voted on every month, There is a 24 hour nomination period followed by a 24 hour voting period.

A: The Council is comprised of 3 members who vote on emergency matters limited to:

- Defensive War

- Authorization of Nuclear First Strikes

- Emergency Treaty Cancellation

Article V: Internal Affairs and War

One: Votes of No Confidence (VoNC)

A: Any Member may request a VoNC of any Government member, to The Council in confidence. When the request is received, The Council will see if there is enough information. If it is deemed worthy, the official named in the VoNC will have 48 hours to give the council a defense. Both will be posted and then a 72 hour vote will be held.

B: A majority vote is needed for a successful Vote of No Confidence upheld by The Council. If the VoNC request is blocked by the Council, any Member may set up their own vote, marked clearly in the designated area. A member made VoNC needs a 2/3 majority to pass.

Two: Treaties

Any Government Member, Ambassador or Envoy may officially propose a treaty with another alliance. Treaty signings and their cancellations occur after a majority vote by the Senate. After 24 hours of discussion and then 48 hours of voting.

Three: Legislation and Charter Amendments

A: Any Government Member may propose Legislation. Any Vendetta member who is not under or awaiting trial, may discuss Legislation and suggest Legislation to the Government.

B: A piece of Legislation must pass a vote by at least a 3/5 majority to pass. Legislation that passes this vote immediately becomes Law. Any member not currently under trial, may at any time propose a repeal of any piece of Legislation, excluding the Charter. In order to be repealed, at least a 2/3 majority in a vote in favor of the removal of said Law must occur.

C: Any Government member may propose an amendment to the Charter at any time. In order for the Charter to be Amended, it must receive a 2/3 majority vote.

Four: Votes

All votes, with time limits not previously specified, are to take place over the duration of seventy-two hours with all members voting, unless specifically mentioned. All vote fractions or percentages are also based on the number of voters. Members will be informed of upcoming votes.

Five: War

A: Should a member nation be the victim of an unprovoked attack, all members pledge to rally their full military and economic prowess in defense of the attacked nation and aiding reconstruction and war efforts to the best of their abilities under guidance from officials.

B: Development of nuclear weapons is encouraged.

C: The Prime Minister has the ability to declare war, or obtain peace, based on Vendetta's current active treaties. Only in the most dire of situations, with the most convicting evidence against another alliance, may the Prime Minister declare an aggressive war. In most cases, any aggressive action should be voted on by the senate.

Article V: Court System

One: The Judiciary

A: The Judiciary is tasked with upholding justice within Vendetta. Crimes against Vendetta and her members are to be tried within the Judiciary. In instances where no precedent exists, the Judiciary is to look toward justice as its guiding principle.

B: The Judiciary shall oversee the internal discipline of all members and, when deemed necessary, call for punishment.

C: The presiding authority of the court is vested in the MoI. In the event that the MoI is the defendant in a case or is otherwise unavailable, the Prime Minister shall serve as the presiding authority.

Two: Court Proceedings

A: Any member in good standing may bring forth a grievance against another to The Council. Complaints without merit are to be dismissed. If the complaint is substantiated, The Council may file formal charges against the accused with the Court.

B. Should a nation be deemed to be a flight risk, the Court may request the Minister of Defense to declare staggered wars upon the accused to prevent escape. No attacks or further declarations may occur without the express consent of the Court.

C: The government, at its discretion, may establish legislation regarding uniform trial procedures.

D. Upon completion of a trial case, a poll lasting at least seventy-two hours shall be put before the Senate who shall render a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

Three: Punishment

A. The Court, at its discretion, may impose any or all of the following punishments upon a verdict of guilty:

1. Fine – Monetary or technological fine in an appropriate amount to be determined by the Court. The fine shall be paid to the plaintiff or other nations designated by the government.

2. Censure – A nation shall be declared to be “not in good standing” and subject to limited alliance benefits including, but not limited to, the inability to vote, run for office or be appointed to office.

3. Removal – Removal from office or staff position.

4. Expulsion – Expulsion from Vendetta. The government may, at their discretion, order the destruction of infrastructure, technology and monetary units of an expelled nation.

B: The Prime Minister shall have the right to offer a pardon to any member within forty-eight hours of sentencing. The Prime Minister shall also have the right to commute unserved portions of a sentence or reduce a sentence. The Prime Minister may not pardon or commute a sentence of the Previous Prime Minister, the Cabinet or The Council.

C: Should a member be accused of a crime serious enough to cause an International Incident, up to and including provoking war with another alliance, the Prime Minister may invoke his reserve powers to expel/punish the member. The expelled or punished member may appeal this decision to the Court, but the expulsion will remain in effect unless the decision is overturned by the Court.

Our forums are located at: www.eversnet.com/vendetta/

Our IRC is: #vendetta

Thanks! and we hope to get to know you all (again)

We are under protection by UPN :)

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When marcus re-tries to get Impkin to hit Robster, he tends to lose some class too.

EDIT: Anyways lets keep this on topic, Party with us in #Vendetta

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When marcus re-tries to get Impkin to hit Robster, he tends to lose some class too.

EDIT: Anyways lets keep this on topic, Party with us in #Vendetta

i will keep on topic but i just want to say that yes Marcus may be a bit careless at times but at least he does his job instead of wasting a gov spot.

Good Luck to Vendetta and congrats to UPN for picking these guys up.

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