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Asgaard: Now Bristling With Weaponry


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Hail This ^

About two months ago the Týr of Asgaard, Lonewolfe, approached Zenith about a nuclear arms race. We were happy to accept and in the proceeding weeks we watched in amazement as Asgaard put their organizational machine into overdrive.

It is with pleasure to announce that Asgaard has successfully produced 500 nukes from the start date, beating us fairly and gracefully.

In the time we spent, we have come to appreciate Lonewolfe's skill and leadership abilities. It's been a pleasure working with Asgaard and we hope that this contest has brought us closer. It's clear that the vikings of Asgaard are highly organized and effortlessly leap over any obstacles that bar their way in pursuit of their goals.

A hearty congratulations to Asgaard for their stunning feat of nuclear mass production!



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It was a pleasure racing Zenith. Sure, they did play dirty at first... pantsing us whenever possible to slow us down or sending some of their Zenith women to keep us occupied. But in the end everyone came out ok, right?!

Zenith are some good people, I wouldn't mind doing them this again!

Hail Zenith and Hail 500+ Nukes B)

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