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New Aqua Defense Operations


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New Aqua Defense Operations

(The Christmas Accords)

Article I: Peace

Both signatories come together in peace and mutual respect; no member nation shall declare war or act of espionage on each other. Such actions are regarded as a breach of treaty.

Article II: Intelligence

Both signatories agree to share all relevant information of worth. It is agreed that this information shall not be falsified, or changed in any way, to mislead the other party. Such falsifications shall be regarded as a breach of the treaty.

Article III: Aid

Both signatories agree that they will contribute aid to the other alliance as long as the aid is in the bounds of reality and must warrant a reason. Aid requests can be turned down if the alliance finds that it isn’t have a reliable reason or is out of there capability.

Article IV: Optional Defense

Neither signatory alliance is required to provide military support for the other alliance. However, should a request be made through official channels by one alliance, the other alliance has the option of participating.

Article V: Cancellation

Notice must be given 48 hours before terminating this treaty. During this time the alliances should try to amend the relationship between the two signatories. The notice must be given through proper diplomatic channels.

Signatures for NATO

Pollexter, High Councilor Augmentum

Iskander, High Councilor Externus

Signed for the Aqua Defense Initiative

John Warbuck- Lord High Sentinel

Yuurei- Lord of Foreign Affairs

JDorian- Lord of Finance

Magister Populi- Lord of Internal Affairs

Kingly- Lord of Defense

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Sweet :D Congratulations NATO and ADI :) A solid ally and great friends. I have had the privilege to be at first TDO's and later ADI's ambassador to NATO although i had to resign from that post because of RL issues. None the less i've gotten to know them quite well :)

Congratulations :)

o/ ADI

o/ NATO :D

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This will improve the unity and prosperity of the Aqua sphere. Glad to see this happen and I can see this developing into a prospering friendship where both sides will benefit greatly. Great announcement and very pleased to hear this;


o/ ADI


Merry Christmas to you all!

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