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A New Age for a New Year


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We're here today to announce the new leadership and change of structure of the World Federation. The change will begin effectively at the start of New Years Day which will also be World Federation's 6 month birthday. I thank my loyal members for sticking by me even in worse of times. I'll still be around sometimes, but if it involves me doing boring work, then don't speak to me :P Just don't have the time to do this anymore atm. Stay strong & fight til the death when your closest allies need you most.

It's time to pass the flame.

New charter will be worked on after Christmas.

I present to you the new leaders of the World Federation

Emperor: The Compound

Regent: Edward Mass (Char)

The person that will fill Compound's FA seat is gonna be Baltus.

For the random people that wasted their time reading this thread...LOOK! puppies!!







Happy holidays peeps

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Enrage, you did wonders with wF !

I had the pleasure to know you since the beginning of wF (your first forum and our little chat on the choice of colors for wF ;))

This was a lot of work and you did it !

Enjoy retirement !

thanks for your guidance seipher

normally important people like you ignore us new micro alliances :D

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well. ur certainly a weenie for leavin us but i've really enjoyed gettin to know ya and I think WF has a tremendous future ahead of it. Very cool of you to let some new people take the helm. New ideas are the lifeblood of any alliance and hopefully this will allow even more members to get their shot in the limelight.

Enjoy ur time off and from the response you have no shortage of friends that will miss you

:gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:

I figured ya deserved some kinda 5 gun salute or something :P

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