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The Republic of Nova Sol Terra

Kevin Kingswell

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OOC: Land occupied is my old nation of Land of Valkyries.


Opening Message:

"Nations of the world, today for most of you is just a normal day where life goes on but today also brings to the world the beginning of a new young nation. Rising from the dregs of technology the Republic of Nova Sol Terra has shown fate that we will grow and we will prosper but to do that we require friends and that is why I now bring to you this message of greetings. Thank you".

-Spokesman for the Republic Council.


The Republic of Nova Sol Terra is run by a council of ten men or women who are elected from various areas of the nation and careers. The people are run by the people as it is said and those who wish to gain a place on the council must work hard to show the citizens that they have their interests in mind. Once the ten most highly voted for citizens are worked out they become the council and from that point onwards run the nation as they and the people see fit. When disagreements occur a majority vote is undertaken until one side gains the majority after which the disagreement is passed or failed.

Civil Rights:

The citizens of the Republic of Nova Sol Terra are granted many rights, such as the choice to marry who they choose as long as they are above the legal age of 18, 16 with parents and child's consent, the right to non destructive entertainment and recreation as well as many others which they expect from the council such as the right to privacy and fair trial as well as protection and security.


The economy of The Republic of Nova Sol Terra is small and under developed due to the lack of resources and funds. The main resources avaliable to the Republic is Aluminmum and Uranium from which they have created a larg number of minor goods with the Aluminmum whilst engineers and scientists look for a way to use the Uranium as a means of power. The infrastructre of the nation mostly consists of dirt roads with one or two paved roads in the major cities.


The Military of he Republic of Nova Sol Terra is small, under trained and under equipped. The small amount of funds left over from economy and infrastructure means that the nations military force of five hundred and fifty soldiers are equipped with semi-automatic rifles and a few machine pistols whilst they have no means of transport other than a few weather beaten trucks.

Future Goals

The future goal of the Republic of Nova Sol Terra is to increase its population and income so that better technology may be researched and improvements made to the land. The long term goal that many citizens hope for is to go into space one day and see the world from up there.

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