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Ahoy hoy,

Here is how it is at th' Federation of Buccaneers. We are changing our government around a big. For one th' !@#$'tastic leader Runz and all of his glory and stagnation will be taking a short shore leave. In his/my absance Shinpah will have th' helm.

Rumors of us disbanding and quitting are utter(like a cows teet) !@#$%^&*. We are cutting some dead weight and we are losing some to inactivity.

According to th' stats it has been a bad month for us. But no love was lost. Th' large nations we lost went to strong allies or what will hopefully one day be. In any event we are as dedicated to the final goal (drinking the special kool-aid) then ever.

In any event, I am leaving FoB for a bit. FoB is doing what it does. All remains constant on the Oceanic front.

Nuff said,

Captain Runz

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Good luck guys....I was wondering why you've been so quiet lately. Shinpah's awesome, glad to see him at the helm.

Also glad to see this wasn't a topic about you guys shifting to another trade sphere. :huh:

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