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domination alliance

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Charter of the Domination Alliance

Domination Alliance-

I huskerfan93 have not found any other alliances to suitehim so in the interests of others in CN:TE has decided to form the DominationAlliance.

Dominationis a red team alliance. All applicants are required to change team affiliationto red. It does not have an IRC channel. War without consent of the secretaryof defense or Emperor Dominatus is not allowed and will result in thatviolating nation to be kicked out.


This is the list of government positions in the Domination Alliance. The most powerful and influential and dominating positions are last. the weakest positions with little say are first.

General Assembly- the general members make this up to let there voice be heard.

Senate-two elected members of the general assembly. they are allowed into the classified councils to represent the people. are elected every 6 weeks.

Regimental commanders- apointed by Secretary of defense or emperor dominatus. manages the regiments.

Fianance secratary- elected from general assembly, manages the bankers of Domination.

State Secratary- appointed by emperor dominatus. is in charge of negotiations with other alliances and nations.

Defense secratary- appointed by emperor domanatus. is in charge of military matters in the Domination Alliance. Deputy to Emperor Dominatus.

Emperor Dominatus- superme ruler of the Domination Alliance. Is ruler for life unless he abdicates. Is also in charge of managment of the site.

Triumvirate-the three secretaries of the alliance form a triumvirate. The triumvirate has the power to declare war on other alliances, veto the Emperor Dominatus, and authorize nuclear strikes. After the triumvirate authorizes alliance wars and nuclear strikes they will go to the emperor for ratification.

Council-formed by the senators, regimental commanders, triumvirate members and the emperor dominatus. They manage the day to day ruling of the alliance and bring problems to the notice of the government.

AllianceHQ- the alliance headquarters is at-



CN:TE members wishing to join must fill out an application in the application thread on the forums.

Most will be accepted. Members currently in war will not be accepted till the war is resolved.

applicants must-

change nation flag to soviet union, change team affiliation to red, and set alliance affiliation to Domalliance applicant. once accepted into alliance change affiliation to Domination Alliance.

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