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The Christmas Truce


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The Holidays are a time of understanding, giving, and most of all, peace. They're a time when we can all sit down with our families and enjoy the things that truly matter. It seems that this year certain forces are conspiring to plunge our world into the depths of unnecessary and damaging conflict. We find this prospective violence to be unacceptable. We cannot celebrate peace and understanding while marching to war. In recognition of our wish to promote peace, at least for a short moment, the undersigned agree to the following conditions:

The Christmas Truce: The undersigned individuals and alliances agree to abstain from all violent actions on the 24th and 25th of December, including but not limited to preparation for war, participating in war, or agitating for conflict. Moreover, they agree to do their very best to prevent and postpone any possible conflict on these days.






Astronaut Jones - Spaceman Spiff, Funk Doctor Spock, and leader of the def squad.


HurricaneLOL, Viceroy of The Huns

Gopherbashi, Slayer of Judges, Minister of Redheads, Hero of the MCXA

The Recession/USC

Jarkko Hannu Salomäki, Tribal Chief of Uralica, TOOL Inquisitor and Council Member. Also hello.

Nicholas II - Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland, Governor of Alaska

Lord of Destruction



OVERLORD Ikaru - OVERLORD of Sol Kingdom, Master of TOOL-shakes, Forwardslasher of the Accent



Big Top Order




Atlashill of Kansouri

Fallen Fool

Post your signature if you're down. This means you're committing yourself to an NAP with everyone on the 24th and 25th.

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