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Modified Domination


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The Imperial Right Doctrine:

On acts of war:

The Holy American Empire will consider the following actions a declaration of war upon itself:

- Any nation attempting landings within Diberia (OOC: Unwritten rule for everybody amirite?)

- Similarly, any nation landing within Curristan.

- Viniland or Rebel Army attempting to place strategic assets not exceeding what they already have emplaced.

- Nations' whose ships violate Imperial EEZ, stretching outward for 200 miles when not interfering with other nation's EEZ.

- Ships leaving Cuba are granted the right to travel within the Empire's Caribbean EEZ.

On Naval Passages:

- The Intercontinental Canal is open to all for a fee unless some other declaration has been made.

- Neutral Military Ships travel for double the cost of merchant ships.

- Allied Military Ships travel for free and in addition are given priority.

- All arms and ship-board weaponry are required to be shut off or otherwise rendered inoperable while traveling within 100 miles of the Canal or Imperial Center.

- Identical rules exist for the Southern Passage.

- OOC: The unwritten rule here is 'Piss us off, and have fun getting from Atlantic to Pacific in any good time.'

On Weapons of Mass Destruction:

-The Holy American Empire will only maintain Nuclear Weapons, Chemical Weapons and non-Nuclear EMP devices in an offensive form.

-Biological Weapons will be produced but not used. These are required to anticipate other nations' biological weaponry and develop vaccines.

-The Holy American Empire maintains a No First Strike policy however seeing special circumstances might require it by authorization of the Emperor, Empress, or Imperial Congress, any Weapon of Mass Destruction can be used. The exception being non-nuclear EMP due to its limited range and mostly Military effect.

-Any attack by WMDs upon the Holy American Empire or its allies authorize a full counter-strike. This is not limited to nuking the ocean. (OOC: :wub: bio)

-The Holy American Empire maintains a launch-on-warning policy.

-Similarly, we maintain fail-deadly policies during war.

On Continental Security:

-Foreign powers (defined as non-American) establishing a colony on South America will be considered at war with the Holy American Empire.

-Foreign powers (defined as non-American) establishing a colony on North America will first receive a warning with economic sanctions should those prove futile they will be considered at war with the Holy American Empire pending the approval of North American Nations.

-This doctrine will not protect established nation against counter-actions for their own acts. However should a foreign power (defined as non-American) occupy an established nation for a longer period than needed it will equal foreign colonization and be handled as such.

- The Holy American Empire reserves the right to observe all nations by satellite with which it shares a border.

On Manifest Destiny:

- Any territory falling into anarchy in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean is considered to be an Imperial Protectorate pending annexation.

- This policy extends up to the Florida Keys, but not including.

- This policy extends south to the Empire's Antarctic land.

- This policy encompasses all islands within 500 miles east or west of the South American Mainland.

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***Classified Message to the HAE***

Rebel Army shall soon be re-stationing aircraft in Ecuador. The same squadrons Tahoe forced us to pull out, under the threat of war (all of them are manned by Ecuadorians). The reasoning for this to further display Tahoe's hypocrisy over establishing an air base in Southern Africa, and to send him a message that his gunboat diplomacy shall not be tolerated.

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**Classified Message to Rebel Army**

This would be acceptable however as you understand these will be watched.


In line with our renewed doctrine and ongoing changes in Asia we hereby announce the cancellation of our Mutual Defense Pact with Dai Etania Teikoku. The 72 hours cancellation period will be honored and the F-1 Shadow Production Licenses will remain valid until Miyako has been fully evacuated. After this all support from Imperial side will cease.

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Classified to the HAE:

Viniland is currently stationing two-fifths of its Navy (35 vessels), a third of its airforce (35 squadrons) and one-fourth of its army (300,000 men) in Itamaracá and Brasília. While the number is not expected to rise in the foreseeable future, we would be forced to increase the deployments in case Viniland is entangled in a conflict where its South American lands are directly threatened (although as you may know that does not happen with significant frequence).

We hope to continue working with the Holy Empire and maintain security and stability in South America as well as in the American continent as a whole.

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