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New Eden reaches out...

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Sauron was sat in his study at the House of Arnor, which was of course, the Government building.

The Old Dominion Repesentative was due to arrive within fifeteen minutes, and so Mairon decided to get an honour guard ready for the guests.

Ten of the Buildings guards, all handpicked from the NEMC were to be posted out front leading up to the doors, with the flags of New Eden and Old Dominion being held up over the pathway.

Mairons assistant informed him that the representative was at the lights one block away.

Sauron stood up and made his way to the front door, ready to greet the guest...

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Nodding back at Mr McNeil, Sauron also took a seat.

"Hello, nice to meet you Mr?..." started Sauron, realising he didnt know what the mans name was.

"Im Mairon Sauron, Lord of New Eden, and I invited you to New Eden to discuss an economic treaty, and to heighten relations between our nations."

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"Pleased to make your aquaintence sir, Now then, as we share a rather large border, as you already know, we deem it prudent to begin trading with our local friends. Our main exports are tobacco, fruit, veg and meat, we also have a large coastal area and so our fishing industry is thriving."

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OOC ahh no I didnt realise.


Well Mr McNeil, New Eden currently lacks the ability to construct warships, however, we are in need of a complete overhauling of our military ICT equiptment.

Blue Heaven is currently opening branches of its IT companies in New Eden for the general publics use.

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OOC: ICT Equipment? i dunno what that is

IC: "That would be most agreeable sir, but what would the Old Dominion get in return for providing this service to your nation?

OOC, ICT.. its Information Communications Technology

IC, Well Old Dominion would receive our buisiness as a contractor, IE, our money in payment for the ICT equiptment.

We could are also arranging a trade treaty with Blue Heaven which includes Oil.

We could also sell Oil to you?

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