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Greater Pacifican Announcement


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After a closed door session of negotiations a lease agreement has been struck between the Italian Federation and Greater Pacifica. An undisclosed amount (*Classified* 500 million/year) is to be paid to Greater Pacifica in exchange for access, and development privileges. Guam will revert to Pacifican control if or when the Italian Federation can no longer support the island or otherwise allows the lease to expire. To ensure simplicity of future dealings the following Optional Defense Pact has been signed between the two nations.

Article I: Sovereignty

The Sovereignty of both nations shall not be questioned or otherwise infringed upon by either. Each nation will be expected to abstain from military acts of aggression, acts of espionage or the effecting of economic sanctions when such actions are directed at a signatory to this pact.

Article II: Optional Defense

In the event that the sovereignty of one signatory is threatened or violated by a third party, the counter-signatory is encouraged but not obliged to come to the defense of the other. A threat or violation of the sovereignty of a signatory includes but is not limited to acts of espionage, economic sanctions, invasion, or military attacks of any kind.

Article III: Optional Aggression

i) Should either signatory choose to execute or participate in a policy of aggressive war, economic sanctions, or otherwise; each signatory is encouraged but not obligated to support this policy by whatever means they deem appropriate.

ii) In the event of such a policy this article may constitute an independent legal casus belli.

Article IV: Cancellation

i) Should Article I, be violated by either signatory, the counter signatory may choose to immediately dissolve this pact in its entirety.

ii) Should either nation come to decide that they no longer wish to be bound by this pact, it may be cancelled at any point. However its articles will remain in effect for 47 hours after either private or public notification of the activation of Article V.


For Greater Pacifica:


H.M Ryn Atrevier, King of Greater Pacifica

Rex Pacifica

For the Italian Federation:

Thomas Dobbs, Presidente

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"The Italian Federation thanks Greater Pacifica for their kindness and generosity throughout the negotiations. After a period of one month to allow Greater Pacifica citizens currently living on the island to relocate, the Italian Federation will formally move into the island. May this bring about a new era of peace, friendship, and stability in the Pacific."

- Tom Dobbs


"The money has been wired to your account. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

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Any and all citizens of Dai Etania Teikoku residing on the island of Guam, or people of Japanese descent that inhabit the island shall be granted special visas to travel back to the Home Islands are relocate if neccessary. The Ministry for Internal Affairs will allocate relief funds if neccessary, if the family in question cannot afford it themselves.

While we are saddened to see a European nation become suddenly involved in Asian affairs, we respect the choices of our esteemed allies.

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While the Federation is obviously willing to help with all relocation costs, a sentiment we expressed to Greater Pacifica, this is hardly a European nation becoming involved in Asian affairs, as you put it. We are currently placed at a strategic disadvantage due to our location in the world. Should the want be there, two nations could cut off all traffic by sea in and out of the Mediterranean to our nation. Guam will give us a key strategic position to ensure that our military is not stranded in or out of the Mediterranean, and that they have a base to dock at should they be.

This is not colonialism. There will be no civilians living on Guam. This is purely a military installation. It is not our wish to be involved in Asian/Pacific politics. We have provided ourselves with a security blanket, nothing more. Do not bother us, and we will not bother you.

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If this is the case, than Empress Haruhi Suzumiya is more than willing to meet with Presidente Thomas Dobbs in order to discuss relations between our two nations given the current circumstances and your new military position in Oceania. This would purely be to encourage good relations in the future and assure no further misunderstandings occur.

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