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Too many twinkies for Tyga and this happens...


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Announcement from TOOL Hand of Foreign Affairs' desk

Too many twinkies for Tygaland and declawings of Uhtred have resulted in a treaty. It must be all of those white snow flake things outside.

On a more serious note, TOOL is glad to gain this treaty with STA, an alliance we have always respected for its morals and for helping in SNOW. Their work on white is definitely commendable in their development in the White Trade Center after SNOW collapsed and when they were a member of SNOW, for their contributions. TOOL is glad to announce a PIAT with STA and a gaining of a new ally.

Shifting Winds

A Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty (PIAT) by and between STA and TOOL.


In the interests of friendship between their esteemed alliances, the Siberian Tiger Alliance (STA) and The Order of Light (TOOL) agree to the following terms:

Section I

Both alliances and their respected members shall remain sovereign of each other.

Section II

Neither alliance shall engage in or endorse military action against the other signatory. If a nation is found in violation of this they will be ordered to offer peace and appropriate reparations as agreed upon by both alliances. Defending nations are required to limit retaliation to the level of attacks received unless said attacking nation has refused to offer peace or agree to reparations, in which case defending nations and their alliance may utilize any and all force against the attacking nation.

Section III

Neither alliance will engage in or endorse espionage against the other. Nations in violation shall be required to pay appropriate reparations as agreed upon by both alliances.

Section IV

Both alliances and their respective members shall remain civil to each other at all times, especially but not limited to the public forums.

Section V

If either alliance receives information concerning a threat to the other or their allies, the receiving alliance will notify the other signatory as soon as possible and provide the relevant information, keeping the source hidden if chosen.

Section VI

Should either alliance find themselves at war the other signatory reserves the right to provide any and all assistance that has been requested, however all assistance provided under this section shall be completely voluntary.

Section VII

This treaty may be terminated by either signatory by providing 48 hours notification. The treaty shall remain in full effect during this cancellation period. The treaty shall be rendered null and void immediately if Sections II or III are violated.

Signed for Siberian Tiger Alliance,

Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland, Supreme Chancellor

Uhtred of Norse, Chancellor

Bzelger ofLeague of Dunces, Consilium Tigris

Pezstar of Pezstaria, Consilium Tigris

Logan Alexander of Rakari, Consilium Tigris

Jyrinx of Aquitaine, Consilium Tigris

Tigerbaby of Hiyouuk, Consilium Tigris

Signed for the The Order of Light,

Lord Captain Commander, grahamkeatley

Hand of Foreign Affairs, Mia

Hand of Education, Creekynoise

Hand of Internal Affairs, King William I

Hand of Executive Affairs, Dodoei123

Hand of Commerce, Dealmaster13

Hand of Finance, PlanckBorn

Hand of War, Willem

Inquisitors, Jarkko and Captain Mudfoot

Council of Light

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Top Posters In This Topic

Congratulations on this treaty TOOL and STA! Glad to see a relationship being forged between you two.

Also, Tyga: Your avatar is quite distracting. On the average, it is taking me 30 seconds longer to read a topic you post in. Thanks for helping me burn another 30+ seconds per day. :D

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