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CNRP World Map 2 Redux

Sargun II

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World Map 1.10 \\ 12\04\2010


[Map Guidelines]

Main one: Claims must be supported by RP

These are non negotiable.

- Protectorates are land set aside by blocs, nations, etc. for new nations. They are not an integral part of any nation, or bloc, and will normally be ceded to those who wish to place their nation there. However, you must speak to that bloc, nation, etc. before claiming the land.

- If you want to claim an area already claimed, you must work something out with the current owner. This means you cannot start a rebellion in their territory, a terrorist group, etc. without their permission.

- There are three ways to gain land in CNRP:

1) Claiming it through your In-Game Sphere of Influence (SoI)

2) Being given land through an RP, in an IC manner. [OOC Gifting is FORBIDDEN]

3) Winning land through war

[Thread/behavior Guidelines]

- This is an OOC thread. Period.

- Any conversations NOT regarding the map do run the risk of being reported for off-topic or spam.

- If you have questions, ASK THEM! The only stupid questions are the ones never asked

- NEVER demand the mapmaker update this. We take our precious time to make necessary changes, and add your requests when we have the ability to do so. Being untoward to any mapmaker may result in shenanigans being played on your own nation.

[General Guidelines for CyberNations Roleplaying]

*The first claim made by your nation must be within your in-game sphere of influence (SoI) unless you are claiming a protectorate. If you are claiming a protectorate it is up to the owner of the protectorate to give as much land as he decides. Any claims outside of your sphere after your first claim must be roleplayed out and accepted by the general community.

*Take your in-game citizen count and multiply it by .80. This number is your maximum in-game soldier count. Multiply this number by 10.0 and this number will be your maximum CNRP soldier count. Tanks are directly equal to what you have in-game.

For example: if I have 10,000 citizens in-game, then I have 80,000 soldiers in RP.

*You may use whatever citizen count you wish for your CNRP nation within reason.

*Your in-game tech (technology) level is directly used in CNRP. See below for technology guidelines.

*Your in-game navy is directly used in CNRP. Meaning, whatever you have IG = whatever you have in RP. The sole exception applies to submarines.

The current submarine multiplier rule when converting from IG to IC fleets is as follows:

0-4,000 Infra, 0-500 tech: No multiplier

4,001-5,000 Infra, 501-1,000 tech: x2

5,001-6,000 Infra, 1,001-2,000 tech: x3

6,001-7,500 Infra, 2,001-3,500: x4

7,501-Infinity Infra, 3,501-Infinity: x5

If you're in different brackets for tech and infra, go with the lower one.

*Nations with less than 500 tech must utilize half-squadrons of planes, which be be less than or equal to six planes per squadron. Planes are equal to maximum number capable of having in-game.

*Nations with more than 500 tech may utilize full squadrons, which would be greater than six but capped at a maximum of twelve planes per squadron. Planes are equal to maximum number capable of having in-game.

*The amount of nukes (warheads) you have is equal to your in game level of warheads. Everyone with standard nukes has fission bombs (max 500kt). Weapons research complexes give you hydrogen bombs (keep them within reason not tens of megaton warheads), and neutron weapons. This decision was reached by consulting with the GMs and at their urging.

*Also, large Fuel air explosive bombs, chemical weapons, large EMP weapons, and biological weapons are capped at 50 and equal to the number of CMs you have in game.

*You cannot arm your citizens and have them fight a war. It does not matter if you give them full time military training and automatic weapon, the maximum number of armed people you can field in a war is determined by your soldier count.

These rules only apply if two combatants (or more) do not agree to change them. If I declare war on Uberstein and we both agree that he can use nuclear weapons on me then as long as we are the only two in the war he is allowed to use nuclear weapons.

Game Moderator "wipe" effects

There are two kinds of wipe effects.

*Type one, total impossibility. IE Death star. Total RP wiped. These kind of god mods are easy to spot, and will be called quickly, so little RP to go back and redo.

*Type two, feature impossibility. IE Fighter jet with a laser. These are sometimes unnoticed, and when found / called, Rp should be paused, while they are argued out in a separate thread. If the feature is found to be impossible, then the Rp continues as if all actions had occurred minus that feature. IE, you still used your fighters, but since they didn't have lasers, they got annihilated.


*Whenever you say something that is not "in character", use the 'OOC:' tag before the statement.

For example, if Uberstein decides to hold a gladiator tournament, we may insult the action in-game but then add "OOC: haha, nice" to show that we (in real life, not in game) like the idea.

*If something is to be a private message, put "PRIVATE MESSAGE TO <nation name here>" before the message. While the rest of the community will be able to see the message, only the person you send it to will be able to respond or use that information. There are also other options, like *CLASSIFIED* or whatever else you feel like you need to put. Remember, if it isn't clearly labeled or RP'd as private it may be used against you.


*Any treaty (MDP, ODP, economic, NAP, etc.) can be made in CNRP with another nation. For instance, if you sign a Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) with Uberstein, whenever you are attacked in CNRP, Uberstein will activate the MDP and attack whoever attacked you. Treaties can be broken.

*Economic treaties are treaties where you trade with another nation (Be it food, technology, medicine), and both nations are to be treated as if they have the same level of whatever they're trading. This is usually called tech trading, see the tech trading rules below.


* A term meaning that you are RPing an entity that is not the one you first RP'd with.


Third World Nation (0-499 tech)

Your technology level is very low, and are developing your own way in the world. You have cold war technology*, and any tech you recieve from other nations (weapons, aircraft, etc.) is not easily maintained without help. It's much like what buying tech from other nations is now IRL. You may design items appropriate to the period.

Modern Nation (500-1499 tech)

Your technology has reached a modern level, and you can build anything military-wise that currently exists*. You may design items appropriate to the period.

First World Nation (1500+ tech)

Inventions start coming from your nation, and you can build anything your heart can imagine*. You're still limited to IG levels of soldiers, tanks, nukes, CMs, etc. Now, beyond this your tech level still matters for your army efficency, but a lot less. Design statistics will matter less as there is an efficiency formula for your armies

*{To a technological limit of the year 2020, of course, within the rules of what can and cannot exist in CNRP, so no mechs, lasers, or rods from god}

Design statistics will matter less as there is an efficiency formula for your armies, showing how relatively effective they are.

It is your Technological Effectiveness, (TE).

TE = 1+ (IG Tech / 10000 * ( 1+ WRC)) Where WRC (Weapons Research Complex (wonder)) is a logical 1,0 statement of having a IG WRC. (1 = you have one, 0 = you don't)

This is taken almost straight from the game, where it works as the damage multiplier for war attacks. That way, we still maintain design coolness, and tech advantage.

Technological Trade.

The old 'tech share' is being scrapped. No longer shall nations have their entire advancement lifted by a few words on a treaty. Now, you can buy weapons / items from more advanced nations. However, this comes with a cost. For Modern and Third World nations, these advanced items will cost more than what your normal domestic ones would. Since economy is gone from CNRP, we have a simple formula to determine what you could have.

It is based on TE. We assume cost is directly proportional to TE. So, when buying a Item, here is how many you can afford.

#Advanced Items = #Buyer Items IG* (Buyer TE / Seller TE)


If you can have say, 1000 tanks IG at a TE of 1 (Ie you are a Modern nation) and you buy tanks from a First World nation with a TE of 1.3, you can have 1/1.3 * 1000 tanks = ~770 tanks

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