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Restoring law and order


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We have noticed a notable lack of activity and communications from our neighbor, the Tennessee Federation that have lasted for well over a year now. This has brought up the frightening possibility that the Tennessee Federation may have collapsed due to its internal problems, and we seek to eradicate anarchy and establish law and order. So, from this time now on, Tennessee is now a Protectorate of New England and we will be sending in troops to establish law and order. Just doing what we do best, you know.


Over 30,000 troops stationed in Fort Hayes, in central Ohio, were mobilized and given orders to advance to the border between Tennessee and New England. Riding in Humvees and M2 Bradley IFVs, the New Englander troops crossed over the border into former Tennessee, heading toward the cities of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Carmel, and Louisville. The troops retreating from the GLS were given new orders and rerouted to northern Tennessee (Indiana), to the cities of South Bend, Kokomo, and Lafayette. Troops stationed in West Virginia also crossed into southern Tennessee (Kentucky and Tennessee itself), crossing into western Virginia (that was a part of Tennessee) and heading for the capital of Nashville, Knoxville, Lexington-Fayette, and Bowling Green.

An additional 30,000 troops were also flown all over the former Tennessee Federation in S-22 Hawkeye transport aircrafts. After several hours, the troops landed and occupied Chicago, Memphis, Jackson, Springfield, Bloomington, as well many cities across Tennessee. The trip to Wisconsin took a bit longer, but New Englander troops eventually landed in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, and Eau Claire, along with others, and imposed law and order.

The operation, codenamed WINTERBREAK, was a success. Law and order are currently being established and reinforced across the former Tennessee.

OOC: Yort92 has been inactive for over a month now, well over the 25-day limit. His last post was on Nov. 19th.

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"Providing a stabilizing influence is rarely a bad thing."

~Anthony Harlem, Grand Duke, Queendom of Australia

OOC: You better not annex it...wouldn't make Mudd very happy... :P

OOC: Oho, but I plan to annex it someday. Besides, I annexed my former protectorate (the one that Pravus Ingruo gave me when he was RPing as Xaristan) and Mudd didn't object. So, I'd doubt he'd object to it, heh. :P

I'm an imperialist with a lust for more land, after all. :awesome:

A telegraphed message to New England(and therefore classified)

"The Old Dominion would be interested in holding a summit in Richmond, over the state of affairs betwixt our nations and any other issues you see that occur( OOC: make some up)


"Hm, what issues would you be interested in discussing with us?"

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